Planning: Alternate Wedding Bands for Non-Traditional Brides

young bride and groom embrace

When it comes to weddings, every bride is different. Her personal tastes and preferences make her unique, and that is what is so great about each and every woman! Her unique personality will shine through in all of the wedding decisions, like the dress or her bachelorette invitations, all depending on what represents her personality
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Groomsmen: Stylish Embellishments for Groomsmen

Even though weddings often have a lot of focus on the bride, that doesn’t mean that the groom can’t get dressed up and feel good next to her. Luckily, men’s fashion has come a long way, over the last decade, which means that men can now put just as much effort into their looks as
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Ceremony: Destination Weddings for Adventure Enthusiasts

Instead of traditional local weddings, many couples are opting for destination weddings. There’s something exciting about having a gorgeous beach or mountain as the backdrop for your wedding photos. But, instead of beach weddings – which are becoming way too trendy – many couples are opting for a wedding filled with adventures. These thrill seekers
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Planning: Modern and Memorable Wedding Favors

Every couple knows it is good etiquette to send a small favor home with a guest to say thank you, but choosing the perfect item can be difficult. Fortunately, modern couples are thinking outside the box to choose something that contributes to the theme of their wedding and is something guests are happy to have.
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Planning: Engagement Ring Insurance 101

Engagement ring sitting in bed of pink flowers

It is engagement season, and we’re sure many of you out there are prepping those fingers for a little extra sparkle this season. If you get your wish, congratulations! After everything settles down from the holidays, there is going to be plenty to do to keep you occupied. But, before you dive headlong into wedding
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