Your Guide to Ordering Wedding Invitations

old school wedding invitation

Ordering wedding invitations is one of the most stressful parts of planning a wedding, but it doesn’t have to be with a professional quality, online customizable order service right at your fingertips. Allowing you to save time, money and worry, here is your guide to ordering perfect wedding invitations from the

Discover the perfect style

The perfect wedding invitation is seamlessly matched to the style of your wedding. With a wide range of offerings, we supply wedding invitations to match any theme. Whether you’re having a rustic, vintage, traditional, modern, floral or even a beach wedding, we have options you can find in our online store.

If you have your heart set on a particular finish, you can always discover your ideal wedding invitations by searching the printing type. We offer four choices: digital print, foil print, letterpress and thermography. Each at a different price point, you will love the unique finish each option provides.

gold and black wedding invitation

Digital print is the standard choice for quality invitations. Foil print creates a beautiful foiled finish in your choice of silver or gold. Letterpress creates stunning looking indented words which feel nice to the touch. Thermography takes invitations to the next level with a dash of resin in the ink, which is then subjected to heat which creates a raised-letter effect.

Finalize your guest list

Once you’ve selected the invitation style, you’ll need to have your wedding guest list finalized so you know how many invitations you’ll need. It’s always better to order more than less, so ensure you order a few backups just in case anything goes wrong or you discover you forgot to invite someone important.

With that out of the way, you can now get to work customizing your invitation. Each invitation comes with a range of choices when it comes to paper quality, card color and ink color.

Proof your text

We offer a range of premium designs, so you probably won’t want to make too many changes to the look. If you do wish to make changes, alterations are a breeze. Try out a new font, play around with the word spacing and sizing, change the ink color, alter the justification and add new lines of text.

After you’ve entered all the relevant information, it is time to proofread. Any mistakes made are the responsibility of the client and, in the final stages, you will be asked to confirm you have done so. This makes it worthwhile to start checking at every step going forward.

It is especially important to doublecheck you’ve entered the correct names, with the correct spelling, the correct wedding date, the right time, the correct location and the right information regarding your reception.

Consider return address printing

Your standard order quantity includes a matching number of envelopes, but it is always worthwhile to consider ordering more (perhaps matching the same number as your extra invitation order!).

If required, you can add a return address to the back of the envelopes. For a small fee, this is a worthwhile addition. If your invitations get lost in the mail, they will be returned to you.  Why not have them printed in an ink and a font that matches your overall theme?

wedding invitation decoration

Extras to match your theme

With your wedding invitations out of the way, now’s the time to consider if extras that match your theme could save you time and money? The best thing about these extra add-ons is that they really give a seamless look to your function.

Add-ons include thank you cards with matching envelopes, wedding direction cards which show the wedding’s location, response cards for prompt RSVPs and reception cards which tell invited guests where the reception will be and at what time it will start.

Save time with guest addressing

For a set fee, you can upload your entire wedding guest invitation list and addresses and have it done for you. What could be easier?

Insurance for peace of mind

Your wedding invitations are an investment, so it’s wise to insure them against any potential issues. Your insurance allows you to receive a reprint, so if you’ve misspelled someone’s name or have a last-minute amendment, there is no problem.

We recommend ordering a digital proof, which shows you in detail just how your order will look. The best thing is you can stop and save your progress at any time. Take your time and create the wedding invitations of your dreams!