Ceremony: Vintage Bridal Themes for Retro Brides

modern bride and groom on bench

Brides who are gearing up for their wedding day will likely have a good idea about what kind of theme they want for the big event. Whether it’s a rustic theme, polka dots, black tie, or fairy-tale, every bride can envision herself walking down the aisle in a particular setting. For those brides who are
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Ceremony: The Unconventional Bride’s Guide to a Special Wedding

bride and groom

It used to be that people married when they were young, just out of high school or college. These days, many couples are taking their time figuring out their own lives before sharing their journey with a significant other. Instead of their parents taking out a second mortgage on the family home to throw a
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Reception: 9 Unique Ideas for Your Wedding Guestbook


Too often, a wedding guestbook gets packed away shortly after the wedding, never allowing us to fully appreciate what people had to say to us on our special day. Fortunately, there are ways for your guestbook to serve as a record of your wedding guests , as well as something you can display in your home
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Inspiration: 5 Styles of Invitations for a Whimsical Wedding

Whimsy is something we often associate with children, but the truth is, not all of us lose our whimsy once we face the grown-up world. Once we find ourselves facing the inevitability of marriage, it is always good to go back to our roots. We wish to get married from our childhood home because we
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Reception: The Guide to a Dry Wedding

Sometimes couples choose to host a dry wedding, omitting all alcohol from their reception. While each couple has their own reason as to why they chose to have a “dry” wedding, here is a guide to help you decide if a dry wedding is for you and ideas on how to move forward when planning:
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Get Social: The Wedding Edition

In today’s technological age, many people use social media websites daily. Whether it is to keep in touch with old friends, connect with new friends, or stay up-to-date on the latest news, sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram continue to increase in popularity. Since social media websites are integrated into peoples’ every day lives, they
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Reception: The Importance Of Wedding Favors

Unique Wedding Favor Ideas Many wedding customs date back to the Romans, who had a highly developed culture and set of traditions in many areas of life, including the wedding. Not only did they celebrate the ceremony itself, the union of the bride and groom was viewed politically, strengthening both families and their influence by
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Reception: Reception Seating Chart Organization

The Effective Use Of Place Cards Not all wedding receptions require a seating chart at a sit-down dinner. What are your options? They can include either assigning guests to tables only, assigning guests to specific seats at a table by using wedding place cards to guide them, or allowing guests to sit wherever they choose.
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Reception: Wedding Favor Basics

Wedding favors are a terrific way to tell your guests thank you for sharing in your special day. By giving your guests favors, you will give them all a reminder of your special day and how much you appreciated having them there. While there is nothing wrong with giving out the same stand by of
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