Get Social: The Wedding Edition

social media appsIn today’s technological age, many people use social media websites daily. Whether it is to keep in touch with old friends, connect with new friends, or stay up-to-date on the latest news, sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram continue to increase in popularity.

Since social media websites are integrated into peoples’ every day lives, they are a great way to share your wedding memories with the masses. Here are some fun and ideas for you to incorporate social media sites into your big day:


There are many ways that you can use Facebook to share your wedding memories.

Photo Albums: Creating a photo album is the most common way for you to share photos that you took from your bridal shower, of the planning process, and of the wedding itself with your friends and family. Not only is this a great way to memorialize these events, but it also is a way that you can share the experience with those who were unable to attend your wedding.

Shared Album: By creating a shared album, not only can you upload photos yourself, but your Facebook friends can as well. Making a shared album is simple: create an album, clikck “Make Shared Album” in the top left corner, choose those you’d like to have contribution rights and who you’d like to be able to view the album and click “save”! It’s a simple way to engage with your guests before and after you wedding, as well as see new pictures that they took.

Check In: Guests of yours who have the Facebook app on their phones have the ability to “Check In” to your wedding. They can either check in to the venue, or to your wedding if you create a new location entry. With their check in, they can upload a photo, make a status update, or even post a video.

Hashtag: Facebook now has a hashtag integration, which has been increasingly popular for weddings (in addition to on Twitter and Instagram). Many couples start their own hashtag, like #kateandjimswedding or #mrandmrsadams, and ask their guests to tag photos and status updates with that hashtag so they can look through the collection of photos and comments after their big day.

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While Facebook seems to be the most popular way for people to share wedding memories, Twitter is another social platform that couples enjoy integrating into their weddings. Similar to the Facebook hashtag, many brides ask that their Twitter guests follow them, and mention them along with their custom hashtag. By using this hashtag and tagging method, the couple can go back and see the stream of mentions, comments, and pictures that their guests tweeted throughout the day (and even after!)


Instagram continues to rise in popularity and is a great way for your guests to share photos of you and your big day. While Instagram also uses a hashtag method like Twitter and Facebook, Instagram allows users to enhance the photos that they take with filters. This filter option is a huge hit among brides, as the photos that they collect after their wedding day have an added element that they wouldn’t otherwise get from average Facebook photos that guests share.

Not only does Instagram allow users to create beautiful photos, but it now has a video functionality (similar to Vine). This is a great way for guests to share short videos like the couples’ first dance, cutting the cake, or a father walking his daughter down the aisle.

Wedding Websites:

While sites like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook are a way to connect with guests and have a two-way exchange of communication; wedding websites are becoming more and more common for couples to share the planning process, announcements, and details surrounding your big day! The great thing about wedding websites are that they’re easy to create, update, and best of all, there are many sites that offer basic packages free of charge. The best thing about having a wedding website is that it doesn’t have to stop after the big day. Many couples are using them as blogging platforms while traveling on their honeymoon and to make announcements like a cross-country move or to share the exciting news that they’re becoming parents.

Two sites that’ offer easy wedding websites are The Knot and eWedding.

Are you going planning on making your wedding a social wedding?


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