Wedding Inspiration

Destination Weddings: Florida Keys

Wedding Ceremony in the Florida Keys

Organizing a destination wedding, as many brides can attest, is a complicated affair. Coordinating convenient travel dates, organizing the legalities of a marriage license, and trying to plan the event from a different country are just some of the obstacles brides and wedding planners face.


Cake: 8 Wedding Cake Flavors That You Have to Try

White wedding cake with blue accents and flowers

When it comes to weddings, sometimes the cakes are just as important as the dress. Tired of the usual white or chocolate cake? Don’t want to dish the extra funds for a dessert table to dress up the cake? Check out these eight unique cake flavors that will add spice to any ceremony and serve
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Fall Wedding Inspiration: Jewel Tones

Move over, summer! Fall is quickly becoming the most popular season for couples to get married. While there are tons of fantastic ideas for a fall wedding, it can be too easy to fall into the trap of traditional autumn colors. For some couples, matching the orange, brown, and yellow colors of the leaves may
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Advice: Early Morning Boudoir Inspiration

The months leading up to a wedding can be some of the most hectic you will ever experience.  Every day you are dealing with another aspect of planning. No matter what type of wedding you are planning, there is no escaping the ever-growing number of tasks to knock off the checklist before the day finally
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Wedding Colors: Metallic Color Themes for Weddings

Selecting the color palette for your wedding is one of the first and most important tasks on a wedding planning to-do list. Wedding colors set the tone for your whole event. You and your partner should consider the kind of mood you are looking to set for guests. From the day they first receive your
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Picture Perfect: 9 Ideas for the Perfect Rustic Wedding

wedding bouquet on rustic fence

The “perfect” weddings used to be hosted in lavish ballrooms, with more non-traditional weddings hosted on beaches along the coastline. That was the case until one word inspired an entirely new wedding movement, one that can be taken and delivered in a million and one different ways: Rustic. Such a simple word with an equally
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