Stunning, Non-Floral Centerpieces for Weddings

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It’s no surprise that flowers are a huge part of a wedding day. More often than not, brides and their bridesmaids will carry beautiful bouquets and, often, flowers are also used on the groom’s suits and as décor.

In terms of centerpieces for the guests’ tables, flowers are always a great option; flowers brighten up the room, create a fresher look, and smell amazing! However, using the traditional go-to for wedding decoration is slowly fading, and couples are looking for newer, more modern ideas for everything from their attire and photography to venue and centerpieces.

If you’re looking for ideas to change up the traditional centerpiece options, check out these stunning, non-floral centerpieces for weddings to get some unique ideas.


Candles have a way of adding a very soft, romantic light to the room. Used as centerpieces, candles offer a nice glow for people around the table, and they can be used in virtually any type of candle holder that reflects your theme or color scheme.

Another great thing about candle centerpieces is that they don’t have to take up a lot of space, and you can choose to have them at different heights. This is very helpful for avoiding centerpieces that are way too large, which often make it hard to see the front table or the people across from you. If you want to make them even more accommodating, choose a clear candle holder with shorter legs to ensure that everyone has the best view in the room.

Of course, candles are a fire hazard, so make sure that they’re secure on the table, and the kids’ tables are utilizing a different centerpiece that doesn’t pose danger.



These tall, classy props are perfect for centerpieces because there are so many options and designs. Whether you’re going for a winter wonderland or a Disney-themed wedding, there is a different candelabra design for everyone.

What makes these items fun is that you can leave them natural or add extras to them to dress them up. Items like string lights, jewels, pearls, and other inexpensive crafts can be draped over the arms to make them reflect the theme you’re going for. If you’d also like to add some extra lighting, choose a candelabra that holds small tea candles or tall, skinny candles for added effect.

Because candelabras are fairly easy to set up, you might also be able to use them for your other events leading up to the big day, including the engagement party or bachelorette, which saves on extra decorations.

Tea Cups

For couples who are known to love tea, an assortment of tea cups and a kettle are a great way to create a romantic centerpiece. This doesn’t have to be an expensive option; in fact, many people have their families donate kettles and tea cups to use for the day.

If you want to dress up the tea cup centerpiece even more, consider placing small plants into the cups or scatter tea biscuits and books for a vintage look that is sure to impress guests.

Seasonal Vegtable

Seasonal Vegetables

Brighten up your centerpieces with seasonal fruits or vegetables for a design that tastes as good as it looks! You can opt to use either fresh or fake fruit, and place it in bowls that match your theme or colors, such as metallic copper bowls or porcelain white ones.

This is also a great idea if you want to reflect the season in which your wedding is taking place. A summer wedding is sure to be a hit with lemons, limes, and strawberries, while a winter wedding might garner a centerpiece filled with cranberries and pomegranates. You can also add other props, such as pinecones, flowers, or twinkling lights for added effect.

If you’re not sure about wedding favors, these kinds of centerpieces also make a great party favor for a few lucky people at each table. If you’d like, have a contest of some sort to decide who gets to take home the bowl of delicious fruits or vegetables at the end of the night.

Centerpieces are often one of the first things that guests notice when they walk into the dining hall. You’ll certainly want your centerpieces to have that wow factor, without breaking the bank or causing long hours of preparation. These centerpiece ideas are great for putting together something a little outside of the floral tradition, but they’re just as effective in dressing up tables and adding something extra to the venue.

While flowers will always be a great choice to decorate tables, consider the ideas suggested to change up your décor and have your guests gushing about the centerpieces all night.

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