5 Ideas for Wedding Favors That Make an Impression

Wedding Favors

The lead-up to your big day might be fairly calm or it might be extremely stressful. There are so many things to do and plan, and often there are lots of people trying to help you get everything organized to make the day perfect.

In saying that, wedding favors are often given to guests as a thank you for helping with the planning of your ceremony, or simply thanking them for being a part of it. These favors don’t have to be expensive, but it’s nice to give something that is thoughtful, useful, or a reflection of the wedding’s theme.

If you’re trying to make some decisions about wedding favors, you will certainly find that the options are endless. However, to help make things more manageable, the following 5 ideas for wedding favors are sure to make an impression on your guests.


Chocolates or Candies

If the bride and groom have favorite candies or chocolates, these are a great option for wedding favors. Little gifts like this can be stored in cute cake and favor boxes, which are easy to take home and can be recycled. These kinds of favors are also ideal if guests get a little famished before or after speeches.

As a reminder, try to avoid including any kinds of desserts that include nuts, as a precautionary motion. You might also consider mixing up the contents of the favor boxes so that everyone can get a little bit of everything, from sour keys or chocolates to brittle and mints.

If you want to let guests put together their own wedding favors, you can also build a Candy Bar, which includes favor boxes, jarred sweets, and small spoons. This is the best way to give everyone options and a wedding favor they will most certainly enjoy.

A Small Plant

There is nothing that is more long-lasting than a small plant as a wedding favor. This might be a flower that was incorporated into the bouquet or one that is easy to manage and that has a long life expectancy. This option is also clever because the plants have the ability to dress up the tables even more, and to add a fresh smell to the venue.

If you’d like, plant them in small mason jars or tea cups, or in something that reflects the décor at the head table. You can also include a small care package or instructions for care to ensure that everyone knows how to manage them once they’re home. We’d suggest something such as a cactus or succulent, which can often flourish in all kinds of environments.

Jars of jam

Jars of Jam

Nothing says sweet like little jars of homemade jam. Guests often appreciate these wedding favors because they’re easy to transport and, of course, they can consume them and recycle the jars. For many wedding couples, it’s important that they’re not just giving a gift that will collect dust, and a jar of jam made by the couple or a relative is a great way to ensure that the favor won’t go unused.

To make this wedding favor even more adorable, decorate the jar with some string and a poem or a thank you letter from the happy couple. You might also include a spreading knife or something that will be useful in their kitchen. Some couples opt to have their wedding favors engraved with things like their initials, “We Did!” or the date of the wedding.

Household Items

It’s hard to decide on one item that everyone is going to be able to get use out of, but there are some wedding favors that will leave a lasting impression and be useful to all of your guests. Household items that you might offer include antique bottle openers, wine openers, coasters, and homemade candles.

All of these items can be personally engraved or designed, or you can opt to leave them as they are and include a small card. These kinds of items are handy in any household, and they are even more thoughtful if they have to do with your wedding venue or theme. For example, a ceremony that takes place at a brewery or tavern would be ideal for bottle openers, while a wedding at a winery might be great for a wine opener, wine tags, or a small jam and cheese spread.

Lottery Ticket

This is a great idea for wedding guests if it is an adult-only party, or if you’ve made specific child-friendly favors for the kids in attendance. Couples can attach a small poem about being so lucky, and wanting to share that luck with their loved ones.

Simply choose a few low-priced ticket options and present them in a fun envelope or card at each place setting, and include a lucky penny.

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