Wedding Reception

Wedding Reception: Planning a Vegan Wedding with Omnivore Guests


Planning a vegan wedding with omnivore guests can place you in a stressful position and leave you feeling overwhelmed. Adding on to the normal stresses of planning a wedding, creating a vegan menu guarantees you will need to pay even more attention to every detail. Most of the people involved in your wedding planning process
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Wedding Reception: How to Write and Deliver the Perfect Wedding Toast

wedding toast

After many weeks, months, and sometimes years of wedding preparation, your loved one or friend’s wedding day has finally arrived, but what would a wedding be without a well thought out toast that appropriately honors the occasion? Whether you are the maid of honor, the best man, the father of the bride, or an honored
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Picture Perfect: 9 Ideas for the Perfect Rustic Wedding

wedding bouquet on rustic fence

The “perfect” weddings used to be hosted in lavish ballrooms, with more non-traditional weddings hosted on beaches along the coastline. That was the case until one word inspired an entirely new wedding movement, one that can be taken and delivered in a million and one different ways: Rustic. Such a simple word with an equally
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Bridal Party: Cheers to the Happy Couple!

Toasting the bride and groom has been a long standing tradition. There are usually many speeches (hoping not boring or horrifying) and merriment by all. What better way to toast a couple then by doing so in an actual winery right here in Indiana? There is an air of romance and sophistication when at a
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Wedding Reception: Celebrate with Bubbles

Your wedding is a celebration of your love for one another, and nothing says “celebration” quite like popping the cork off of a bottle of champagne. You may like to imbibe with an occasional glass of bubbly, but when it comes time to pick out a few bottles for your reception, the choices can seem
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Wedding Reception: Creative and Unexpected Centerpieces – Continued

Plants Galore Try some lush potted flowers as centerpieces.  They can be purchased, grown, rented or borrowed.  Growing them holds a special satisfaction that the couple grew their own wedding centerpieces.  Just be sure to grow extras in case a few don’t quite turn out right. Gardenias and spring bulbs are simple choices for this
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Wedding Reception: Creative and Unexpected Centerpieces

Flowers and candles are popular centerpieces for wedding reception tables.  Couples are getting more and more creative in trying to express their individuality and make a statement. There are some really great ideas out there now and many are flexible and can be given a personal touch by the bride and groom. Here are some
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Wedding Reception: Wedding Reception Surprises That Leave Guests Talking

Many couples try to put personalized touches on their weddings.  Everything related to weddings can be fully personalized and readily available and even affordable now. This is great for couples wanting to have personalized keepsakes and memories.  It also means that all those little touches are getting predictable.  For couples wanting to really wow their
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Wedding Reception: Planning the Perfect Wedding Coffee Bar

Different types of bars and buffets are appearing at weddings across the country.  Coffee bars are a big one for various reasons.  Coffee bars can be used as an alternative to pricy alcohol.  They can also be used as a wonderful way to serve desert.   Here are some great ideas for planning a coffee bar
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