Creative and Unexpected Centerpieces – Continued

Plants Galore

Try some lush potted flowers as centerpieces.  They can be purchased, grown, rented or borrowed.  Growing them holds a special satisfaction that the couple grew their own wedding centerpieces.  Just be sure to grow extras in case a few don’t quite turn out right. Gardenias and spring bulbs are simple choices for this option. Daisies are another bright and cheerful option. They are available in a variety of colors and grow well in pots.  Just be sure to choose something that doesn’t have too strong of a smell.  This way guests with allergies won’t run for the hills and the smell won’t overpower the food while guests are eating. Bonsai trees also make a great centerpiece and little mini charms or pictures can be hung from them. Bamboo plants in containers of water also make for pretty centerpieces. Seasonal plants, like poinsettias around Christmas can also be used.

Mini Mailbox

A miniature mailbox can make a beautiful centerpiece.  Nearly anything can be painted on them and they can be adorned with flowers and vines, maybe even a fake bird from a craft store. Note cards and pens can be provided at the tables for guests to “send” the couple their best wishes.  A full sized mailbox makes a great alternative to a guest book.  The note cards can later be collected to be bound together or placed in a scrap book or album.

Beta Fish Centerpiece Idea

At how many weddings do they use live centerpieces?  This one depends on having a home for all of the beta fish after the wedding.  They do not require much care but can live for quite a long time.  The alternative is to see if the pet store will let you donate them back or if there is a school in the area that would like pets for the classrooms. Beta fish can be simply placed in a clear bowl of the appropriate water with the appropriate plants to make a centerpiece that leaves gusts talking.  Be sure to consult with the pet shop where the beta fish are purchased to learn about the proper materials to use and how to care for the fish.

Birdhouse Chic

Birdhouses decorated with flowers or Spanish moss are a great centerpiece idea as well.  The birdhouses can be painted in any color and are available pre-painted as well.  Simple kits are available at craft stores to assemble birdhouses of all sizes and types.  Another way to use birdhouses in wedding planning is to have a birdhouse as a centerpiece to the table where the birdseed for tossing is displayed at the wedding ceremony location. Allow guests to take home the birdhouse centerpieces for display or to use as a feeder in their yards.

Bowl of Favors for Every Occasion

A simple bowl can make a great centerpiece. Fill a bowl with garland and ornaments in December. Pine cones, leaves and nuts make a great fall filler. Flowers are great for spring and floating candles work all year round.  Sand and seashells in a bowl will compliment a beach or nautical themed wedding.  Candies, chocolates and other treats also make a filler that guests will appreciate. Put a note of thanks on a pic or skewer stick to dress up the bowl of treats.

Pillar Candle for Inexpensive Elegance

A simple pillar candle on a mirrored platform is elegant and simple. A garland of flowers at the base adds romance and small shells or stones glued to the base can help the candles fit the décor.  Pillar candles can be used as a stand-alone centerpiece on a stand or platform or they can be paired with candles of all shapes and sizes to create a romantic glow in the room.

Martini Glass Centerpieces

Martini glasses make for chic and noteworthy centerpieces. Use floating candles in the martini glasses to add a little sparkle. Fill martini glasses with fake snow and top with little candies for a holiday flair. Fill the martini glasses with sand and top them with a paper parasol for a summer accent.  Oversized martini glasses are available if the couple wishes to use only one at each table.

Fruit, Vegetables and Citrus Centerpiece Ideas

Place fruit skewers displayed in a vase or bowl as a centerpiece. “Fruit florists” also can make flowers from fruit into an arrangement for guests to nibble. Bowls of fruit also make great centerpieces. Use apples for fall and citrus fruits for spring and summer.   Pumpkins and gourds displayed whole or gutted and used as a vase are another great idea. Pineapples and other thick shelled fruit and vegetables can also be used as vases.

Look around at everyday items and picture them as part of a centerpiece. Find something that really represents the bride and groom or simply reflects their style.  Who knows, the idea could be the next wedding centerpiece trend!