Creative and Unexpected Centerpieces

Flowers and candles are popular centerpieces for wedding reception tables.  Couples are getting more and more creative in trying to express their individuality and make a statement. There are some really great ideas out there now and many are flexible and can be given a personal touch by the bride and groom. Here are some of the most eye catching, creative and unique centerpiece ideas making the rounds.

Summer/Fall Cacti Centerpiece Idea

Plants and flowers may seem common, but how often are cacti used as centerpieces? Small cacti can be raised on a pillar for height. A larger cactus can have its base decorated with stones of any color. Small cacti with pops of color can be used as place card holders that double as favors. A cactus bowl is made by planting a few small cacti in one bowl filled with a special cactus potting soil and stones. A few round cacti piled into a tall square vase so that the top cactus is sticking about half out of the vase makes for a unique look. Place the vase on a mirror platform with a few led tea light candles or some real votive candles.

Bottles, Bottles Everywhere

Unique colored glass bottles can be found in thrift stores, at flea markets and at yard sales. They can also be bought new at craft stores and at other places you might find unique décor items.  The bottles can be placed in clusters at the center of a table to make a fun centerpiece. Use string lights in the evening to illuminate the tables and have the light catch the color in the glass. Place a single flower in some or all of the bottles at any time of the day for a beautiful touch. Use all different flowers to give the centerpieces a fresh picked from the garden look and feel.

Birdcages in Bloom

Birdcages have long made appearances at weddings. Usually they are there as a card holder of some sort. Birdcages can make amazing centerpieces. Place small neat flower arrangements in the bottom. Or fill them with branches and flowers and maybe even a fake bird easily found at a craft store. Line the bards with ivy or garlands of flowers.  Place a pillar candle inside an empty birdhouse. Hang a swing holding two love birds inside a birdcage.  Birdcages make for flexible and fun centerpiece choices and there is really no limit to the ways they can be used to decorate a wedding reception or any other event.

Mix and Match China

Tea pots, teacups and other parts of a tea set can be used as a centerpiece.  Arranged with flowers inside or on their own on a table they make a beautiful statement for a garden party or wedding reception in the morning or afternoon. Large china plates found at thrift stores and yard sales can have table numbers painted on them and be displayed on plate stands.  In this way the centerpiece can double as a table number. Pair these with teacup place cards that also double as a favor. The favor tags can say something like “(bride) and (groom), a special blend”. Tea spoons or personalized tea/coffee favors can also be provided. A teapot surrounded by teacups and saucers containing votive candles or floating candles is also a great idea.

Snow Globe Centerpiece Idea

A large snow globe on a mirrored pedestal can look elegant and charming.  Smaller snow globes on a tiered stand are a bit more lighthearted but still breathtaking. Snow globes can be found containing all types of things.  Tropical looking flowers for a summer feel. Snow covered houses for a warm cozy feeling in winter. Miniature brides and grooms to make a great favor to mark the occasion that guests will actually keep. If the snow globes play music, just be sure to choose the songs carefully and be sure to pay attention to the song each type chosen plays. The songs on snow globes are usually of a happy variety, but one can’t be too careful!