Cheers to the Happy Couple!

Nate&Marjorie_RehearsalDinner_2Toasting the bride and groom has been a long standing tradition. There are usually many speeches (hoping not boring or horrifying) and merriment by all. What better way to toast a couple then by doing so in an actual winery right here in Indiana?

Nate&Marjorie_RehearsalDinnerThere is an air of romance and sophistication when at a winery.  This couple had the right idea, to incorporate Oliver Winery into their wedding festivities.


Oliver Winery is one of the most popular wineries in Indiana. If you mention the words Oliver Winery, most people know exactly what you are talking about and exactly which one is their favorite. There is a long tradition here of beautiful wines, and now beautiful venues.  There are three different gorgeous venues to choose from, and much like their wines it’s hard to choose!

oliver2The first is their Original Tasting Room which can fit a large number of people in a sophisticated setting.

oliver4 Next is their Cellar and Tank Room, which has a very rustic and vintage feel. This style is big right now, and this is the perfect setting for it.

Patio_Customers And of course there is their Tasting Room and Patio. Wonderful for a outside rehearsal dinner or bridal party.oliver5All of them are beautiful, and all offer wonderful services including custom foods, cheese boards, winery tours, and of course wonderful wines to drink.


You can book your reception, bridal shower, or even a fun filled bachelorette party with Oliver Winery.  Here are some links to shop for these invitations as well as how to book with Oliver Winery.

Check out Oliver Winery Events at










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