All the Little Things: Buying Invites on a Budget


There is nothing more heartbreaking than planning a wedding on a budget. While we may feel like spending all our money on the perfect dress, things like location, food, and guest seating also rear their heads and become more important. Choosing the perfect wedding invite isn’t easy, especially if you are on a budget, but
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Etiquette: When to Set Wedding RSVP Date


When should you set your RSVP or reply-by date for your wedding?  It sounds like a simple task and it is!  However, if done incorrectly, it can wreak havoc on your wedding planning.  Below, I’ll point out some of the common pitfalls of setting RSVP dates, and how to avoid them. Setting your RSVP date
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Etiquette: Rehearsal Dinner Invitations

Laurel Rehearsal Dinner Invitation

Ah, guests lists. It wasn’t until I started planning my wedding that I realized just how many guests lists I’d need to create. Not only do I need the wedding guest list, I need my engagement party guest list, bridal shower guest list, and a rehearsal dinner guest list. The first three came easily but
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Wedding Etiquette: Wedding Invitation Do’s & Don’ts


Your Custom Wedding Invitation is the first introduction to your wedding’s personal style and what they can expect to see on your big day. Once you’ve chosen your colors, paper, font, printing option (we can’t get enough of these elegant Thermography Wedding Invitations) you’re only half way finished. It’s easy to get tied up with
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Wedding Etiquette: How to Word Wedding Invitations


Planning your wedding can be stressful but most of all, it should be fun! It’s easy to get wrapped up in the smaller details, booking venues and working through budgets, etc., so we’ve put together some wedding invitation etiquette tips to help you enjoy the wedding planning process. First things first; who is hosting? The answer to that question
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Etiquette: Thanking Etiquette for Your Wedding

Thank You Note

Though justified for being the center of attention at your wedding, you still can’t forget to express gratitude to everyone who has given you so much on your special day. Some brides enter in a “bridezilla” mentality and find themselves consumed by expectations of being showered with gifts while giving nothing in return. However, I
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Etiquette: Children Allowed or Adult-Only Wedding?

Yes, I’ll be Inviting Guests with Children: When inviting children to attend a wedding, it’s important for the bride and party to understand that it could either go flawlessly, or there could be some disruption. To minimize the possibility of the negative possibilities, we’ve compiled a list to help keep the children occupied and the adults content:
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Etiquette: Etiquette Still Counts

Even In The Contemporary Wedding Once you have taken the plunge committing yourself to a life partner, planning the wedding can be both exciting yet daunting. Even in our current culture where more formal wedding protocols have relaxed, there are some traditions that remain. Selecting Wedding Invitations in a style that is both beautiful and
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