Etiquette: Rehearsal Dinner Invitations

Ah, guests lists. It wasn’t until I started planning my wedding that I realized just how many guests lists I’d need to create. Not only do I need the wedding guest list, I need my engagement party guest list, bridal shower guest list, and a rehearsal dinner guest list. The first three came easily but as I started to create my rehearsal dinner guest list I suddenly became confused as to who gets invited? Do I  invite just those involved in the wedding and their spouses or should I include any out of town guests as well? Luckily, the folks at The American Wedding are wedding etiquette experts and they’ve compiled the traditional rehearsal dinner etiquette for me to follow.

Laurel Rehearsal Dinner Invitation

The rehearsal dinner guest list can vary. Some rehearsal dinners are like mini-weddings and things can really get out of hand. Traditional etiquette says the guest list should include the wedding party and their spouses / partners and the close family of both the bride and groom. If you have enough room, it is nice to include the officiant and his or her spouse if applicable. You are not required to invite all the out of town guests, however, it is nice to extend the invitation since they’re coming in town specifically for your big day. Traditionally, this is the groom’s parents party but it’s recommended to keep the bride and her mother in the loop. No matter who’s hosting the party, there is one cardinal rule when planning: it should never be grander than the wedding and it should have a totally different feel than the reception the next day. Shop our entire selection of custom rehearsal dinner invitations – with hundreds of personalized designs you’ll have a hard time picking just one!

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