Bridal Shower

Bridal Shower: Holiday Themed Showers

Red and gold poinsettias with pine branch and berries

Throwing a themed bridal shower is the perfect gift for a new bride-to-be, and no party will be better than a holiday themed bridal shower. Choosing a theme to match the winter holidays opens up a world of festive possibilities because you can draw inspiration from some of the most favored holidays of the year.
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Bridal Shower: Ideas for Bridal Shower Themes and Activities

bridal shower

Traditionally, the bridal shower is planned by the maid of honor, but, in recent years, the tradition has become lax.  Bridal showers can be planned by almost anyone.  Remember that if a gift is received from the bridal shower, a thank you note should be sent within two weeks of the shower. Now on to
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Bridal Shower: Ultimate Bridal Shower Game Guide

Like many wedding traditions, the bridal shower is a custom that originated before it was common for people to marry for love. When a bride’s family did not have enough means for a dowry, family friends would come together and bring enough gifts to compensate. Nowadays, bridal showers are a fun pre-party for the bride
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