Holiday Themed Showers

Red and gold poinsettias with pine branch and berriesThrowing a themed bridal shower is the perfect gift for a new bride-to-be, and no party will be better than a holiday themed bridal shower. Choosing a theme to match the winter holidays opens up a world of festive possibilities because you can draw inspiration from some of the most favored holidays of the year.

Moreover, winter themed decorations are available in stores year-round, so you can avoid the holiday rush by purchasing everything you need early. Since planning an event as important as a bridal shower can be stressful and exhausting, it’s essential to make it a pleasurable experience. Here are a few ideas to help you plan a stunningly beautiful and exciting event.


A party isn’t really a party if there aren’t any guests, so start with the invitations. Much like wedding invitations, shower invites should reflect the theme of the occasion. There are a wide variety of holiday themed invitations available online. You can order beautiful, personalized cards for each of your guests. Remember to send your invites at least six weeks before the date of your party. Friends and family will be sure to set aside time to join you for the special evening but only if they can plan their schedules in advance.


Christmas tree decorated with ornaments and lights

Finding holiday decorations for your bridal shower should be the most fun part of the planning process. Moreover, you can streamline the decorating operation by utilizing what’s already in your home. Bring out your wreaths, ornaments, red ribbon, and stockings. Curtains or drapes depicting winter scenes or rugs with snowflakes would be wonderful additions to the setting. If you don’t have seasonal décor in storage, or fail to find something for the special occasion in local stores, try making them yourself.

Check online for templates, and cut intricate snowflakes from white paper. Then, sprinkle them with silver glitter and hang them with clear wire (or fishing line) to create a shimmering winter wonderland right in your home. To make miniature snowmen, purchase Styrofoam balls of different sizes and colored felt fabric from a local craft store.


The food table is the one place your guests are guaranteed to visit. Fortunately, bakeries and grocery stores are filled with themed goods during the winter holidays. You can order inexpensive, professionally baked holiday cakes fit for this joyous occasion. Complement your winter theme with eggnog, peppermint flavored hot chocolate, or a few bottles of sparkling cider.

If you’d like a healthy alternative to baked confectioneries, try designing a holiday cheese or fruit platter instead. Just purchase a ready-made platter and rearrange them into stars, snowmen, Christmas trees or any other holiday inspired shape. The possibilities are endless. Use your imagination to create vibrant arrangements for guests to enjoy.


Two gingerbread houses frosted and decorated with candies

The best form of entertainment is the kind you can appreciate while eating, especially if you make it yourself. Building gingerbread houses is an engaging holiday activity few have the opportunity to enjoy beyond childhood. Guests will be thrilled to design (and eat) their own gingerbread house, so purchase a few kits for everyone to build and enjoy.

To channel more holiday cheer into your bridal shower, start off the evening with karaoke. Since radio stations play holiday music as early as late September, you’ll have a vast repertoire of old and new tunes to choose from. There are a number of excellent online and mobile karaoke applications available, meaning you won’t need to go out of your way to purchase special equipment.

If you have a backyard and are fortunate enough to get snow during the holidays, consider hosting a snow sculpturing contest. A little competition will contribute to the fun, and guests can always retreat inside for warm food and drinks if it gets too chilly outside.

Party Favors

After the bridal shower is over, it’s customary to have take-home thank you gifts for the guests.  Place small holiday gift baskets or wrapped presents under a tree for each guest to take. You could also fill a glass jar with cookies, muffins, or fudge squares. Wrap these confections in plastic and seal them with red, green, or silver ribbon. Leave the jar by your entrance so guests can take home a sweet souvenir.

For a simpler party favor idea, tie candy canes to holiday thank you cards or postcards with bows in holiday colors. You can find these items in various patterns and designs in local retail, craft, or stationery stores. Colorful favor boxes can be ordered on-line to tote goodies home, too!

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