Invitation Accessories

Invitation Accessories: The Right Envelopes for Your Wedding Invitations

If you’re ordering your wedding invitations a la carte, you’re probably facing a lot more decisions than you originally expected. With an entire selection of printed separates to choose from, you might find yourself a little overwhelmed. Which shape do you go with? What kind of envelopes do you need? In today’s blog, we’ll answer
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Wedding Invitation Accessories: Spice Up Your Stationery

So you’ve got the printed envelope, you’ve got the postage, and you are ready to send out your wedding invitations. Not so fast! Have you ever considered adding a little pizazz to your post? If so, wedding invitation accessories are the way to go. Much like the accessories we wear in real life, wedding invitation
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Accessories Report: Ribbons and Your Wedding Invitations

You’ve likely seen MyGatsby’s selection of Midori Ribbons to complement your wedding invitations, but do you know what to do with them? Ribbons are a fine way to accessorize wedding invitations, but unlike with most accessories, you can easily bring these to your wedding ceremony and use them as decorative accents if you have ribbon
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