Wedding Invitation Accessories: Spice Up Your Stationery

So you’ve got the printed envelope, you’ve got the postage, and you are ready to send out your wedding invitations. Not so fast! Have you ever considered adding a little pizazz to your post? If so, wedding invitation accessories are the way to go.

Much like the accessories we wear in real life, wedding invitation accessories function as that little something extra, a stylish flounce or flourish that set your wedding invite apart from the bank statements and the bills. In short, wedding invitation accessories say “I’m special! Open me!”

Wedding invitation accessories can take many forms. A few of the most common accessories are ribbons, pressed flowers or waxed seals. Each of these charming accents is a great way to embellish your invites with minimal effort and expense. Plus, there’s less chance of such a beautiful invitation getting tossed in someone’s recycle bin!

If you are opting for a plain, classic wedding invitation, there’s nothing like a beautiful ribbon to seal in the romantic appearance of your invite. From twinkly and sparkly to shiny satin, to the more traditional grosgrain, ribbon is a great way to add sensual texture and aesthetic appeal to your invite. Plus, the experience of untying a ribbon brings back childhood feelings of excitement and anticipation, the perfect precursor to opening a carefully crafted wedding invitation.

For a spring wedding or a more rustic affair, look no further than beautiful pressed flowers as wedding invite accessories. Available in a whole spectrum of colors and types, don’t be afraid to send a little floral cheer with your beautifully printed invitations. After all, nothing brightens a person’s day like getting flowers delivered! Best of all, these pretty dried flourishes won’t wilt a week later. From Black-Eyed Susans to Bridal’s Wreaths, enjoy browsing our garden of invitation embellishments before picking a special favorite.

To add some final fanfare to your wedding invitation, consider adding a wax seal. From monograms to fleurs-de-lis, seals lend an artistic touch while conveying a sense of formality and old-fashioned romance. Something about a beautifully calligraphed seal recalls the medieval times of brave knights and romantic maids. Luckily we no longer have to rely on town criers to bring the good news, and instead enjoy hand selecting beautiful keepsake wedding invitations and all the accessories to go along with them!