Accessories Report: Ribbons and Your Wedding Invitations

You’ve likely seen MyGatsby’s selection of Midori Ribbons to complement your wedding invitations, but do you know what to do with them? Ribbons are a fine way to accessorize wedding invitations, but unlike with most accessories, you can easily bring these to your wedding ceremony and use them as decorative accents if you have ribbon left over. Consider a few of these ideas for integrating ribbon with your wedding invitations and more!

1. Tie your invitations closed with a ribbon. Best for folio wedding invitations, this look works best with a ribbon in a contrasting shade, or a hue one or two shades darker or lighter than the folio. Try a simple Double-Faced Satin Ribbon, available in a wide variety of colors.

2. Top your wedding invitations with a neatly tied bow. Great for single panel wedding invitations, this look is a cute DIY way to pep up your wedding invitations. Simply punch two holes in the top and thread a short length of ribbon through, tying it into a bow in the middle. This works well with a thinner ribbon like the Two-Tone Capriccio Ribbon, or an easy to shape ribbon like the Wired Luxe Ribbon.

3. Want to make your wedding invitations stand out? Try accenting them with a unique, quirky ribbon like the Icon Double-Faced Satin Ribbon printed with bees, harlequin diamonds, polka dots, the fleur de lis, and more! If you want to go with the unexpected, pep up your wedding invitations with Gala Dupioni Ribbon.

4. No matter what option you go with, you can easily use your extra ribbon to add a sweet look to your tabletop decorations at the reception and echo the look of your wedding invitations. Simply accent each table with a bud vase, and tie a length of ribbon around the neck! Extra points for matching the ribbon to the color of the blossoms.

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