Bridal Shower Ideas

Bridal Shower: Holiday Themed Showers

Red and gold poinsettias with pine branch and berries

Throwing a themed bridal shower is the perfect gift for a new bride-to-be, and no party will be better than a holiday themed bridal shower. Choosing a theme to match the winter holidays opens up a world of festive possibilities because you can draw inspiration from some of the most favored holidays of the year.
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Bridal Shower: Ultimate Bridal Shower Game Guide


Like many wedding traditions, the bridal shower is a custom that originated before it was common for people to marry for love. When a bride’s family did not have enough means for a dowry, family friends would come together and bring enough gifts to compensate. Nowadays, bridal showers are a fun pre-party for the bride
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Bridal Shower Ideas: I Dough, er I mean I Do!


 Want a yummy and new way to enhance any of your wedding activities??? Here’s a dish on a sweet new item to give your guest. It’s called Edoughble ready to eat cookie dough. Cookie Dough! Who doesn’t like cookie dough? I know I’ve many time taken a nice chunk out while making cookies. But of
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Bridal Party: Cheers to the Happy Couple!


Toasting the bride and groom has been a long standing tradition. There are usually many speeches (hoping not boring or horrifying) and merriment by all. What better way to toast a couple then by doing so in an actual winery right here in Indiana? There is an air of romance and sophistication when at a
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Bridal Shower Ideas: Bridal Shower Invitation Etiquette

There are so many issues of etiquette surrounding wedding planning it is easy to forget the etiquette surrounding a bridal or wedding shower.  Most of this etiquette involves bridal shower invitations and who should be on the guest list.  No matter who is planning the shower the bride (and groom) should be consulted about the
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Bridal Shower Ideas: Simple Bridal Showers

Weddings involve a lot of work. It isn’t just the couple doing all the work.  So a bridal shower can seem like just more work no matter how much the person planning the shower loves the bride! Here are some showers with simple themes and bases that will look like they involved a ton of
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Bridal Party: Wedding Event Time Line Made Simple – Celebrate!

It’s My Party! The Bridal or Wedding Shower Chances are the couple may not be organizing this event.  Usually held a month or two before the wedding the traditional shower was only for the bride and gifts were brought only for her.  Gifts included things to decorate the bride’s house or lingerie and the like. 
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Wedding Planning Made Easy: The Best Bridal Shower Invitations

Are you throwing a bridal shower for your bride-to-be best friend? The wedding invitations are likely sent out by now, with all the other elements in place; now, as maid of honor, all you need to do is handle the bridal shower and bachelorette party and make sure the bride makes it to the altar
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