Before the Wedding Invitations, the Bridal Shower!

You’ve chosen the perfect wedding invitations – now, don’t forget about one of the most fun days leading up to your wedding! The bridal shower is where you’ll get a chance to gather all well wishes from friends and family before the mania of the bachelorette party or you get too tangled up in wedding planning. Make sure everyone knows the date with bridal shower invitations!

There are plenty of sweet options for bridal shower invitations. Since they don’t necessarily carry the formality of wedding invitations, you can get a little wilder in terms of what you want to send out. How about invitations shaped like bridesmaid dresses? There are many clever options that will catch attention and capture the spirit of your upcoming celebration.

Are you hoping for gifts that are a little spicier? With a lingerie shower, you can amass a fine trousseau for a great honeymoon! You can get a little saucier with these invitations than you can with your wedding invitations. Lingerie shower invitations are available with darling designs ranging from friendly ladies to fun pink lingerie.

Want colorful mix and match lingerie shower invitations? Now’s the time to go crazy with color! Try poppy bright pink and gold, or sexy red and black. You can even match the lingerie color scheme to your invitations! If you’re hoping for pretty pastel undergarments, reflect that with a darling pale pink or green invitation. Want feistier platinum lace? Go for shiny metallic silver and white invitations.

Since your bridal shower invitations lack the pressure that finding the perfect wedding invitations can bring on, you can be free to do something sweet or silly with them. Get fun, get creative – find the perfect invitations for you!