Garden Party Bridal Shower

This shower idea is great for brides who live green and appreciate the beauty of potted plants and flowers.  The entire theme is centered around gardening.  The decorations, food and gifts all take the theme into account.

This party idea is best used for a bridal shower or bridesmaids’ luncheon and get together before the wedding. Brides can also throw this party for their girls if they wish to give wedding guests “green” favors.  The party can be used as a fun way for the bridesmaids to help assemble the favors. It is best held in spring when the outdoor weather will be pleasant, or where a climate controlled sun room is available on a bright sunny day.

The Decorations

Lots of potted plants, garden cut flowers and re-purposed vases set the stage for this party. Dishes with a bright pattern and bright tablecloths help with the look.  Use metal watering cans and other gardening equipment to tie it all together.

The Activities

Each girl can make her own flower pot.  The pots can be started from scratch with clay and the bridesmaids can chat while they wait for the clay to dry.  Or everyone can simply paint and fill pre-made pots. Other crafts related to nature and gardening can also be a part of the fun.  Smooth rocks can be painted to be used as escort “cards”. Pots can be designed to be used as centerpieces. Seed bags with planting instructions can be made as favors for wedding guests.

The Food

Be sure to have plenty of cool drinks on hand.  Glass pitchers of sun tea and lemonade taste good and look gorgeous on nearly any table. Finger foods are great if food will be served before or after people will be getting their hands dirty. Kebobs are also great for garden parties.  A backyard BBQ is a great way to pull the guys into the festivities at the end of the day.

The Gifts and Favors

The bride can gift each bridesmaid with a set of gardening tools, some gardening gloves, seeds and a pot filled with soil. An apron to be used while doing the crafts can also make a nice addition to the gift bags.  Use bags made of recycled materials and reusable shopping bags to add to the theme of keeping green.  Jewelry keeping with the floral and gardening theme can also be chosen as well as “green” facial and beauty products.  Things like mud masks and lotions with natural exfoliating properties will fit the theme and work for any bridesmaids who may not have such a green thumb.

A garden party can be lots of fun.  It can be very relaxing to let loose and dig in the dirt.  This party is a great way to let out the inner child in the bridal party and do just a little to give back to the planet.