Simple Bridal Showers

Weddings involve a lot of work. It isn’t just the couple doing all the work.  So a bridal shower can seem like just more work no matter how much the person planning the shower loves the bride! Here are some showers with simple themes and bases that will look like they involved a ton of planning and work.

Alphabet shower- Assign each guest a letter of the alphabet as they R.S.V.P. and ask them to give a gift that starts with that letter and label the gift with the letter. Décor and food are simple. Use a is for Apple Pie, balloons with the letter B, a letter C cake topper and so on through the alphabet. Call the shower “Setting up (bride’s name) from A to Z before she ties the knot”. The hardest part of planning this shower is a little brainstorming for ideas for each letter.

Room by room shower- Assign guests to get gifts for certain rooms. Arrange the room for the party into sections highlighting each room. Play games having to do with each room.

Hour by hour shower- Give each guest an hour of the day and ask them to get a gift that might be used at that time of the day. Eleven in the evening may mean the bride gets a nighty or book light, while eight am means she gets a great omelet pan or griddle.

Kitchen shower- Use kitchen items like timers to tie down balloons as decorations. Ask guests to get gifts to stock the kitchen including wine, cutting boards, other kitchen tools and kitchen décor. Get the bride an apron to wear during the shower.

Lingerie shower An old favorite with readily available decorations and gifts! This makes a lingerie shower easy and inexpensive.

Recipe shower- Provide recipe cards to guests to make a recipe box for the couple. Encourage gifts of the tools needed to create the recipes.

Stock the bar shower- This isn’t just for gifts of alcohol. Shakers, bar glasses and shot measuring cups make great gifts for a couple that already has a stocked kitchen.

My favorite thing shower- Ask each guest to get the couple the thing they can’t live without themselves.  Maybe it’s a kitchen tool or a special duster.  Ask them to write a short explanation of why they can’t live without the item in the card.

Home improvement- For a couple shower, consider a home improvement shower.  Tools, ladders, curtain rods and gift cards make great gifts for this shower.

Ask guests to provide gift receipts so any doubles can be easily exchanged by the couple.  This makes it much easier than making people stick to the registry or having to keep track of gifts in advance.  A good theme makes planning a bridal shower, or any party a breeze.