How to Throw a Casino Themed Bridal Shower

Here are some great ideas for your casino themed bridal or wedding shower.  This theme is great for just the girls or a coed shower. It can also be used for an engagement party or a stag and doe party when you can’t make the trip to Las Vegas.  Even a wedding reception can be done with a casino theme.   These are just the basics you are only limited by your imagination.

Casino Style Wedding Shower Invitation Ideas

As always, the invitations set the mood for the party.  Try some of these fun options for your wedding shower invitations.

  • Send each guest a playing card with their invitation.  Then draw four random cards and place them on a table by the front door in a flashy display.  Ask guests to bring their playing card to the party.  Whoever completes the best hand using their playing card and the four cards on display wins a cool door prize.  Make sure no one can stack the deck by using personalized playing cards or marking the cards in some way.
  • Set the mood for gambling and include a scratch off lottery ticket in each wedding shower invitation.  Joke that anyone who wins big has to split it with the happy couple.

Casino Style Decorations for Your Wedding Shower

Casinos are known for glitter and glamour.  Set a fun and exciting mood with these decoration ideas.

  • Skip the pastels and go with metallic decorations.  They will catch the light and add sparkle to the room.
  • Use green table cloths to mimic casino game tables.  They will set the mood nicely.  Use felt instead of plastic and you will have an actual gaming surface when game time comes around.
  • Decorate square boxes to look like dice.  Use larger ones as decorations and fill smaller ones with treats as favors.
  • Buy glass photo coasters and place a picture of each guest into one as a place setting.  They will double as a fun party favor.
  • Gold coins have a million in one uses for a casino themed party.  Pile them in bowls or scatter them on the tables for decoration.
  • If you are feeling ambitious, design small fake slot machines for the main tables.  Use boxes from your craft store and get creative.
  • Talk to your venue.  Some catering halls regularly hold casino nights on weeknights.  They may have some decorations you can use for a fee.

Food for Your Casino Style Wedding Shower

Serve food that will make your guests feel like high rollers at the swankiest casino without too much fuss and work.  It isn’t so much about what you serve as it is about how you serve it.

  • Make cupcakes and use a round decorator’s tip to draw pictures of the four card suits on top. Use white, green and red icing to ice the cakes and red and black decorating icing to draw the suits.  Short on time?  Draw suits on just some of the cupcakes and sprinkle sparkly sugar, sprinkles and other decorative treats onto the other cupcakes.  Metallic or themed cupcake wrappers complete the look.  Can’t master drawing the suits?  Use small red and black candies to create them instead.  Or look at your local party store or online for pre made designs.
  • What casino would be complete without a buffet?  Set your food up buffet style and have little plate of appetizers at the guests’ tables.  Serve all the beverages in champagne flutes from your local party store, even the soft drinks.  Scotch sniffers are also a good choice. Silver trays make great serving platters.  Don’t have silver serving trays?  Cover regular plates with tinfoil being careful to keep the surface that can be seen smooth if you can.  Tape the tinfoil on rather than scrunching it around the plate.
  • Decorate the cake to look like a game table complete with playing cards and dice.  Write a fun phrase like “Love is a Gamble and (bride) and (groom) Won Big” on the top of the cake in decorator’s icing.

Casino Style Wedding Shower Games

Keep the mood going with these fun gambling and casino games to encourage some friendly competition among the guests.

  • Set up a deck of playing cards in advance with questions and dares on the back.  Then have a second deck and ask guests to draw a card.  Find the matching card and guests must answer the question or complete the dare.
  • Basic card games are always a winner.  Have a deck or two of cards at each table and provide each guest with the same amount of poker chips.  Allow guests to trade chips for small prizes from a prize table at the end of the evening.  Assign each prize a chip value and have a few of each of the smaller prizes.
  • Have each guest bring a wrapped gift.  If it is a coed shower make sure each guest brings a gift for the same sex so that men bring gifts for guys and women bring gifts for girls or instruct guests to choose neutral gifts.  Take note of everyone who brings a gift at the door and place them all on the table.  Number slips of paper or ping pong balls for everyone who brought a gift starting with the number one.  Have everyone draw a number.  The person with number one chooses a gift and unwraps it.  Then the person with number two chooses a gift and unwraps it.  Person number two can keep their gift or trade with person number one.  Give each person three trade tokens to limit the number of times they can trade.  The person who just unwrapped gets first dibs at a trade then anyone can use a token.

Casino Style Wedding Shower Favors

Complete the night by giving your guests fun, themed keepsakes to help them remember the best casino shower ever.

  • Shop party stores and online for casino themed favors.  From playing card bottle stoppers to personalized decks of playing cards, they should be easy to find and fairly inexpensive when bought in bulk.  Many websites even offer free or inexpensive personalization of many of their products
  • Shot glasses, mini cocktail shakers and bottle openers make great favors and are also available personalized.
  • Survival kits with Tylenol, a pair of lucky dice, a sleep mask, mouthwash and other useful little gifts makes a great casino style favor.

A casino party is all about having fun.  Keep a relaxed atmosphere and don’t worry about being tacky.  Keep your theme consistent.  Make sure everything fits from door prizes to dessert and your party is sure to be a hit.