Budget: Wedding Invitations Are Crucial

You may think to yourself, “Wedding invitations are not important; people just throw them away.” So you begin to focus on other essential focal points: the dress, the cake, the food. Although these are critical parts of your wedding, so are the invites! The wedding invitations are the only form of communication you have with
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Budget: Wedding Costs for Bridesmaids


Are you a bridesmaid at a wedding and wondering how much you will need to spend? Having trouble figuring out what the proper wedding etiquette is on dishing out the dough?  Here are some guidelines about who pays for what in regards to a wedding. Photo Credit: Top Bride Dresses Paying for bridesmaids dresses: It
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Budget: The Second Time Around

If you are beginning to plan an ‘encore” wedding, do not assume your parents will be willing to finance the event. The financial responsibility lies with you, and your groom. If a family member, or close friend, offers you help financially, you may accept graciously and show your appreciation. Your parents may offer their home
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