Inspiration: How to Not Have a Cookie Cutter Wedding

Am4Your wedding will be the most important day of your life; therefore, it makes sense that you would want this day to be absolutely perfect and separate from all other events. When it comes to weddings, there are a lot of unique and highly original ideas that you can use to make the best day of your life memorable, not only for you, but for all your guests as well. Following are 9 ideas to help separate your big day from the rest.

Idea #1: A Reception Lounge

You can take your wedding to the next level by creating a private lounge area where your reception is being held. Have the area arranged in such a way that the guests can relax here by sitting down on sofas and couches. Want to increase the wow factor some more? Close off the lounge area with the help of lush curtains, to create a VIP vibe.

Idea #2: Guest Transportation

At the day of the wedding, if you have made arrangements to transport your guests from the ceremony to the place where the reception will be held, consider renting unique transportation, such as a hot air balloon! Not convinced? Not only is this method of transport fun and highly entertaining, but think of the cool wedding photos you will have.

Idea #3: Pre-Ceremony Cocktails

Normally, at weddings, drinks aren’t served until the reception. You can change this and arrange a pleasant surprise consisting of a table of light beverages set up on the way to the ceremony. Remember, though, don’t serve anything too strong! A good idea is to serve fruit-infused teas or mimosas.

Idea #4: Standout Escort Cards

One feature of weddings is that of the seating cards placed on the tables to help guests find their place setting much more easily. You can bring a new twist to this. Instead of using paper cards, why not upgrade them to something that your guests can keep (or eat)? A good idea is to set personalized cake pops, engraved in icing with the guests’ names and table numbers, or martini glasses that can also be used as seating placement cards.

Idea #5: Thoughtful (and Useful) Favors

When it comes to making your wedding a memorable one, you will have to think ahead, with regard to the guests. By planning little things in advance, such as supplying out of town guests with custom scented soaps instead of the ones provided by the hotel, keeping a basket of flip-flops so that guests can wear them and keep dancing through the night, or offering pashmina shawls if the weather outside is chilly, you can do so much more with your wedding event to think of your guests’ comfort.

Idea #6: Convenient Child Care

A separate room should be set up for the children attending your wedding, so that they can take their naps or rest their feet for a while. This arrangement will also help the parents, who will be re-assured because of the babysitters hired to look after the little ones. Stock the room with everything that appeals to a young person:  snacks, games and a portable DVD player.

Idea #7: A Memorable Guest Book

Think beyond the typical guest book. One creative idea we love: Create a jigsaw puzzle of your photo and let guests sign each piece. Or, put out silver trays with engraving pens so guests can carve a lasting message on a useful keepsake for you.

Idea #8: A Video Confessional Booth

The photo-booth trend has taken the world by storm! You can incorporate this idea into your wedding, but with a fresh and exciting twist. All you have to do is rent a video booth, where your guests will be able to record quick and sweet video messages for the bride and the groom. The best clips can be taken from the video booth and added to your wedding video.

Idea #9: A Show-Stopping Ceremony Exit

Out of the entire wedding, the exit ceremony is the most heavily photographed moment, and you can bring it up a notch by ensuring that your guests have the time of their lives by cheering as you and your groom begin your lives together. At the time of your exit, pass out small bags filled with colorful confetti, streamers, paper airplanes, or even lavender buds for the guests to toss on you as you make your grand exit. Even better, hand out noisemakers!

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