Wedding Planning – Part 1

Let us begin by saying that ultimately this is your day and the most important thing is that you are marrying the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. If the flowers aren’t in full bloom and your bridesmaids don’t all have matching shoes, please don’t let it get to you. What matters most is the love you felt on this day from your partner, your family, and friends.

Now, let’s proceed with the things that so far we’ve found hold the most amount of concern for you the bride.  Continuing into next week, we will provide you with wedding planning advice based on your budget, your vision, your wedding party, and your timeline.

Your Budget

You set budgets for a reason. You give yourself a wedding budget for the same reason you give yourself an entertainment budget in your regular day to day life, because it’s easy to go watch every new release and every rock show that comes to town.

So try your hardest to stay within it! You will be happy you did. Reason what kind of money goes to what. Do not place a lot of money into your flower budget if flowers aren’t that important to you. Try asking a friend or family member whom is really good with money to help keep you in check. When it’s all over , you will be happy to have stayed within in your budget. Also, to not come home from the honeymoon stressed out over what kind of tight budget you will have to have now so as to recuperate from the wedding spending will be very helpful.

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