Wedding Invitations Are Crucial

03-ImageYou may think to yourself, “Wedding invitations are not important; people just throw them away.” So you begin to focus on other essential focal points: the dress, the cake, the food. Although these are critical parts of your wedding, so are the invites! The wedding invitations are the only form of communication you have with the guests until you see them on the big day. Although you may have said in the past, “I do not really care what the invitations look like.” Maybe you feel like, “I am not spending a lot of money on a piece of paper!” Do you need help planning a wedding on a budget? Visit The Budget Savvy Bride to get a breakdown of expenses. If you feel overwhelmed, do not worry; your maid of honor will be more than willing to lend a helping hand. Emmaline Bride gives more duties for your right-hand woman. When the time comes to order the invitations, you may (and should) have a change of heart about how important the invitations truly are!

The wedding invitations can be beautiful without costing a fortune or spending days to create. You will set the tone of your wedding with your invitations. Your guests will know, based on your hand-selected stationery, how formal or casual the wedding will be. If you opt for a backyard barbecue, your invitations will reflect this. Likewise, if you are hosting a black-and-white tie affair, a beach-themed soiree, or a romantic garden wedding, your invitations is the chance to show off your personality. If you need help deciding the theme of your wedding, The Knot is an ideal place to look. From vintage inspirations to rustic ideas, you can finalize each personal touch. Be sure to check out advice on trendy weddings or intimate affairs.

Beyond the initial hint of the type of gathering your wedding will be, your invitations present your guests with all the necessary information they will need to know for your celebration. This includes the ceremony and reception locations, times, and dates. You will need reservation cards so you have a headcount of how many will be attending, opposed to who you are just inviting. Further, do you need menu cards or table cards to ensure your guests receive the plated meal they requested? Are your guests from out of town? They may need specific directions or accommodation information. Offbeat Bride offers suggestions about booking a block of hotel rooms for your wedding. You will need to put more thought into your wedding stationery than you initially assumed.

Luckily, we are here to help! With nearly 100 years of experience, our reliable team will give you a step-by-step guide to all the parts of an invitation. The wedding invitation itself will list the bride’s and groom’s parents’ names as though they were hosting the party on your behalf (if they are the ones paying for the event). The invitation must have the bride’s and groom’s names along with the date and time of the ceremony. You may want to include the details of the reception on the same card, especially if you are hosting the ceremony and reception at the same location. Otherwise, you will need a reception card that includes the time and location. Visit the Wedding Wire forums if you are looking for more opinions about having your ceremony and reception at the same venue.

The reservation card, or less formally known as the RSVP, will be a much smaller card included within the package. It features a capital “M” with a long line for the guest to write their formal names (Mr. and Mrs. Smith). The number attending and the meal option, if it is a plated feast, should also be included. This card should be accompanied by a return envelope that is already stamped and addressed to you. If you need to save money, you can skip the extra envelope and make your RSVP a postcard that is ready to be mailed.

As we mentioned before, the direction and accommodation cards are critical for out-of-town guests. You will want to make the directions as simple as possible and even include a printed map directly on the card. You can print your directions off of MapQuest. It often gives multiple routes, depending on the major highways in the area. The accommodation cards will list the hotels that are reserved for your wedding guests. You need to include the hotel name, address, phone number, and price per night. Simply explain to use the last name of the future Mr. and Mrs. to get the special room rate. For example, “Ask for the Smith / Jones wedding group when booking your room!”

Since 1919, we have helped brides-to-be with any wedding stationery needs. As a family-owned company, we go above and beyond to ensure you are satisfied! Please feel free to contact our representatives at any time for personalized attention. As a USA-based company, you can expect quality service and merchandise.

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