Choosing a Wedding Reception Venue When On a Budget

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Finding the perfect wedding reception venue can seem difficult when you are on a budget. There are so many factors to consider, such as the number of guests you’ll be having and the location. Since this is one of the areas that engaged couples seem to spend a large portion of their wedding budget, we have 8 tips to help you choose the perfect venue while staying within your budget.

1. Try trimming your guest list to include more of those that are most important and less of those that you’re inviting out of obligation. By doing this, you not only can save hundreds of dollars on a smaller venue (can food costs), but your wedding will be more intimate.
2. To get the best deal on a venue, choosing a wedding date that doesn’t land on popular tourist dates or other special occasions like during the holiday season is the best to save some money. The less busy a venue is, the more they will be willing to negotiate a lower event or rental fee.

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3. For smaller, more intimate weddings, consider doing the catering yourself. By having your family prepare the food, you can reduce your food costs drastically compared to what the venue or caterer may charge.
4. Saturday night is the most popular evening for couples to get married, and in turn, is the most expensive night to reserve a venue. Choosing a wedding date that is on a Friday or a Sunday will leave more money in your wallet.

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5. Cut back a little on the number of flowers that you order. Flower arrangements can really add up, so by going with a more minimal look, you can save money and create more space in the venue you choose.
6. When inquiring about quotes to rent a venue, avoid using the word “wedding”. The word “wedding” is a hot word for venues, as they may increase the fee for the special occasion. Instead, use vague words like “party” or “event”.
7. When inquiring about quotes, be sure to ask for a complete breakdown on fees. This will ensure that you are not paying anything that is unnecessary and that you do not run into any fees down the line that you didn’t budget for.

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8. DIY wedding decor is always a good way to save money. By designing and creating your own centerpieces and signs, you can save hundreds of dollars. Make a day out of it and wrangle your bridesmaids, friends, and family to not only make your wedding decor, but memories.

If you need some inspiration, take a look at our Pinterest account for fun DIY ideas.

2 thoughts on “Choosing a Wedding Reception Venue When On a Budget

  1. Ivy Baker

    This is some really good information about wedding venues. My sister is going to be getting married this spring, and she hasn’t picked out a venue or a date yet. So I like that you pointed out that not picking a popular day could help her get a good venue for a great price. That will be something we will need to consider doing at this point.

  2. Deb Pearl

    Thank you for all the tips about choosing a wedding venue on a budget. I really like your tip about making sure not to pick a date around a holiday or a special occasion. I think that would be a great way to save some money on a venue.


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