Ideas for Bridal Shower Themes and Activities

Traditionally, the bridal shower is planned by the maid of honor, but, in recent years, the tradition has become lax.  Bridal showers can be planned by almost anyone.  Remember that if a gift is received from the bridal shower, a thank you note should be sent within two weeks of the shower.

Now on to the fun part.  Planning a bridal shower can be an enjoyable time filled with good memories of friends and family.     One detail that is always exciting is deciding the theme of the shower.  From the classic to the quirky, our themes are just as nuanced and personality-filled as the bride. has put together a list of a number of different themes and activities as possible ideas for a bridal shower.  Feel free to use any of these themes at your shower, or use them as inspiration to come up with themes of your own.

TRAVEL: Maybe the bride is a polyglot who speaks five languages, or spent a year abroad at a college in Spain.  Maybe the bride has a penchant for a particular city in a particular region in the world.  This theme is really versatile, in that the planner can focus generically on the world with maps, globes, and cameras (pre-smartphone) or on a specific region.

If you focus on a specific region, one that the bride loves, of course, be sure to learn more about her connection to the area.  If she enjoys a particular food or aspect of the culture, such as the artwork, include all of these elements in the details of the shower.

BACKYARD BBQ:  A Backyard BBQ is great for a person who wants to have a no-frills celebration.  It also doesn’t require particulars beyond a casual dress code, although a theme in attire might be desired.  Grill and chill will be the goal with a Backyard BBQ, and the theme can be dressed up by adding flowers throughout the area.  Be sure to also get a few bug-repellent candles or lamps to make sure the festivities don’t have any uninvited guests.

BURLESQUE: This theme is a bit edgier, but it will definitely make for a great time.  Lace, swanky music, and high heels will be the theme, and it works particularly well if it’s a girls-only affair.  Also, theatrical stage makeup a la Moulin Rouge will add to the dramatic flair of the theme.  Add 19th century themed decorative accents, and you’ve executed the theme perfectly.

YOGA: Planners should consider including yoga in the bridal shower activities.  The activity will bring guests into a calm mode that can help the day stay centered.  Just 15 to 20 minutes of working through positions like child’s pose and downward dog will get your blood flowing and body active enough to breathe and take in your surroundings.   It also gives the guests a bit of exercise before indulging in food and drink.

TELEVISION OR MOVIE THEME: Is the bride a fan of Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead?  What about Downton Abbey?  These shows all lend themselves to a theme-inspired dress code, along with fun decorations and accents.  Recreating the spirit of a particular show will be the goal, but you will definitely get brownie points from the bride if you delve more into the shows and learn about a particular episode that is her favorite, or a detail about her favorite character.  What can you do to make a television or film-themed bridal shower that much more personalized?

DIY DRINK BAR: Try setting up different bottles of champagne, bottles of juice, and berry garnishes for guests to make their own drinks, from bellinis to mimosas.  Also, be sure to have nonalcoholic beverages at hand on the bar so that everyone can stay hydrated.

STORYBOOK OR DISNEY: Release your inner child with a Disney or storybook bridal shower.   While the bride may have fallen in love with a particular movie as a child, if you re-watch a Disney or even Pixar movie as an adult, there are many themes that can apply to everyone at any stage in life.  There might be a beautifully fitting irony to this theme.

Also, is there anything in particular that the bride likes about one film or fairy tale, for example?  Figure out a way to incorporate it into the decorations or festivities to make the event all the more special.

We’ve given just a few themes, ones that can easily be used or used to incorporate into an already existing idea.  Now, as you develop the details of this special day, don’t forget to find an invitation that works well for you.  We offer many different styles of bridal shower invitations that go well with many themes, from the simple to the ornate.

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