Seven Rules from a Bachelorette Tale

Bachelorette party

Once upon a time there lived a girl in a land not-so-far-away.  She dreamt of the life she’d live when she grew up, and knew that one day she would lead the storied life she’d envisioned for herself and serendipitously find the man of her dreams.

One day, after she’d grown into a woman, as luck would have it, she found him.  Or had he found her?  They planned the wedding together, but, before the wedding, she would need one last moment to enjoy her life as an unmarried woman.  And so, as she planned to live a life of bliss with Mr. Amazing, she tasked her girlfriends with planning a one-night-only Bachelorette Party.

The Story of the Bachelorette Party is one not often told, but within its pages lies a few rules to follow for any group of bridesmaids planning a phenomenal celebration of pre-marriage singledom for the bride-to-be.


There is one person central to this celebration, and one person only: the bride.  Be sure to ask for her input before starting to plan.  See what she likes and what she doesn’t like.  Consider any limits, and things that the bride would or wouldn’t want at a bachelorette party.  Plan relative to what she wants, and nothing more.  Accommodate her wishes as much as possible.


After you’ve discussed with her what she wants, then you can plan with certain specifications.  Does she want to go the traditional route, or a non-traditional route?  Do you want to include lots of little events leading up to the party, or just have a party at someone’s place?  Also, stay cognizant of your budget so that you don’t spend more than expected.  The wedding and wedding gifts are still in the periphery, and splurging is fine, but only if you can afford it.


We’ll leave the details to the actual party, but we’d imagine that not all photos want to see the light of day.  In this case, it might be a good idea to set ground rules for what photos are allowed and which ones aren’t.  We are in the age when people lose jobs over simple photos or statements posted to social media, so be mindful of the images you keep.


Bridesmaids should cover the cost of the bride for all activities.  To avoid any trouble with planning the financial aspects of the party, all bridesmaids planning the event should discuss the financials of the party, and who is responsible for what.  In this way, any misunderstandings with money are avoided.  Also, consider setting aside a certain amount of money each week to save for these expenses.  Saving a little at a time can go much further, and is easier to do, than spending a significant amount of money all at once.


A random, but fitting, analogy would be: If you’ve ever run a 5K, you will understand the importance of pacing.  So, before taking the fun so far that you wind up hung over with a headache, pace yourself over the course of the evening to keep yourself from waking up feeling sick and unable to continue the festivities the next morning.  Be a responsible drinker, and be mindful of when you’ve had enough to drink.  You’ll not only have more fun that way, but you’ll also be there—and we mean 100% there—for the friend that this is all about in the first place.


Maybe you’re natural born leader, but, when planning a bachelorette party, no one person should do all the work.  After the group of bridesmaids has set aside a plan, the group should delegate tasks.  One person should, however, be in charge of a master plan with a list of budgets, tasks to accomplish, and deadlines for accomplishing each one.  After tasks have been decided, get to work.


Check with the bride to see those friends she’d like to invite.  Because others will be seeing a side of the bride’s and your personality that they probably don’t normally know, you might want to consider those who are close and more than just acquaintances.   Close family, friends, and bridesmaids are a good bet, as well as anyone else the bride wants to invite.  Check out our glorious bachelorette party invitations starting at $1.80/card.

The Story of the Bachelorette ends with the bride partying the night of the Bachelorette party away, only to marry the man of her dreams soon after.  While she will have many memories to last a lifetime with her mate, she will hold a special place in her heart for the night of her Bachelorette Party, a memory she will hold close to her all the days of her life.

So make the evening a night to remember, one that the bride-to-be will have fond memories of whenever she looks back to that day, with these seven rules.

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