Wedding Etiquette: Wedding Invitation Do’s & Don’ts

Your custom wedding invitation is the first introduction to your wedding’s personal style and what they can expect to see on your big day. Once you’ve chosen your colors, paper, font, printing option (we can’t get enough of these elegant thermography wedding invitations) you’re only half way finished.

It’s easy to get tied up with mastering the traditional details of how to word Your wedding invitations, figuring out postage and the proper spelling of names and titles, how many invites to order and how much time to allow, the list seems to go on and on. But not to worry, we’ve rounded up a list of Do’s and Don’ts to make your wedding invitation process a breeze!


Wedding Invitation Do’s:

  • Order Extras  –  Let’s admit it, no one is perfect. Even the most detail-oriented perfectionist can make a mistake from time to time. So whether you’re hand-addressing each envelope or working with a calligrapher, it’s definitely a smart idea to order at least a dozen or so extras, which can help with those last-minute additions to your guest list too!
  • Allow Enough TimeAddressing, assembling, and mailing your invitations is a time-consuming process. Wedding invitations are usually mailed six to eight weeks before the wedding date – as a general rule, plan on at least three months for printing and delivery.
  • Double (Triple) Check Spelling Make sure you have the names of your locations correct before putting them on your invitations. Look-up the websites of your ceremony and reception sites and/or ask for the business cards of your contacts before you order your invitations.
  • Check PostageFollowing suit with allowing yourself plenty of time, how bothersome would it be if you sent out all your wedding invitations only to have them returned to sender? Take an assembled invitation to your local Post Office and have it weighed to ensure you have the proper amount of postage before sending out.

Wedding Invitation Don’ts:

  • Dress CodeMore likely than not, your guests will know the proper attire to wear to your function so it’s not necessary to include “Black Tie Preferred” on your wedding invitation. However, if you prefer to dictate dress code, you can add it to the reception invitation in the lower right-hand corner.
  • Using LabelsThough the option is tempting, it is best not to use labels to address wedding invitation envelopes, rather you should allow yourself enough time (again, we know!) to handwrite each envelope for a more personal touch your guests will appreciate. While labels aren’t recommended for envelopes, they are definitely encouraged for wedding favors – here are some of our favorite ways to package wedding favors.
  • Last-Minute Invites – It’s no surprise wedding guest lists can get pretty lengthy. And as important as your friends and extended family are, sometimes a few people may slip through the cracks. It’s important to have a wedding guest list deadline where no additional guests can be added to avoid last-minute invites. Inviting people at the last minute will make them feel more unwelcome than if you had never invited them at all.
  • Wedding Registry – Don’t print your registry information on your wedding invitations – instead, include your wedding website and list it there. Or share the information with parents or family members who can be resources for guests who want to know!

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