All the Little Things: Buying Invites on a Budget

AM!There is nothing more heartbreaking than planning a wedding on a budget. While we may feel like spending all our money on the perfect dress, things like location, food, and guest seating also rear their heads and become more important.

Choosing the perfect wedding invite isn’t easy, especially if you are on a budget, but if you know the type you want, and how you can manage it within the amount, you can discover some amazing designs.

Double Damask Heart Wedding Invitations

Every wedding is elegant and, for an elegant wedding on a budget, the best theme to follow is that of black and white. A high-end affair, this theme makes you feel like royalty throughout, so why go for a generic card when you can have one which is beautiful and bold! Most people throw away wedding cards once the wedding is done, but if you want an affair to remember, then going for a black and white card which is not only elegant, but also glamorous, will be your perfect choice.


Love Is Patient Wedding Invitation

The Love Is Patient wedding invitation perfectly conveys the message for those who have been looking for love for a long time. A wedding is a union of two hearts and, with this scripture, others who read it will not only draw inspiration but also reminisce about the days when they were at their wits’ end, but their love for one another made them stick together. Love is mostly about standing together against all odds, and your card will be a perfect testament to that.

Children of the Inner Light – Holding Hands Wedding Invitations

If you’re more into whimsy, this card will surely tickle your fancy. A wedding is something most people think about their entire lives and, when that day finally comes, everything needs to be exactly as we imagined it. The concept of a whimsical wedding is that it should be playful and quaint, but give the message that even if you are older now and getting married, you can still be a child and make your childhood dreams come true.

Delightful Love Wedding Invitations

This pastel style card of soft pink stripes is perfect for the simple wedding. Less is more when it comes to weddings and, if you’re having a simple wedding, then going for this card will make your wedding decorations complete. Being in love is perfect and, sometimes, you don’t need to show everyone how you want to give the world to your loved one.

Truly Romantic Wedding Invitations

For the truly romantic, this card is such a perfect fit that you might just have it framed. For those of us who still believe in riding in the sunset with the one we love, a fairytale-themed wedding is the best, but, when you’re on a budget, that fairytale can turn into a nightmare. With this card, you can choose to feature your life as the start of a happy beginning.

Designer Love Wedding Invitations

If you like funky invites, then you’re going to love this. Simple, yet fun, this card is great if you’re a fun person who wants a touch of your own personality for your wedding. Having a traditional wedding because your relatives (read: mother) insists upon it, can be a drag, but this card can be your own little secret. With all the info surrounding the message, your card will surely stand out from the crowd.

Wedding invites are very important when it comes to your wedding and, while you might not think twice about someone else’s invites, when it’s your turn, you can tell why most couples take so much time and put in so much effort to make sure that every aspect of their wedding is perfect. This is because, for them, this is their day—which needs to be memorable—and, while keeping under a budget, you can still make your dreams come true.

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