Wedding Tableware with a Personal Touch: Plastic Tumblers, Wedding Napkins & More

elegant wedding dinner table

The day you and your beloved proclaim your undying love for each other is a day you and your spouse will look back on forever. Making each detail memorable with personal wedding touches can go a long way to ensuring those memories last for your invited family and friends too.

There is an endless number of details to consider when planning your wedding. The number of options for flowers, decorations, bands or outfits can be overwhelming.

Here are some personal touches you can add to your tableware accessories to make your wedding stand out with your personality:

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Plastic Wedding Tumblers

You can create amazing mementos for you and your guests with stylish keepsake custom wedding tumblers that mark the event with artwork, color or typestyle that complements the theme of your wedding.

With a variety of styles and colors available, you should have no difficulty finding the right tumbler to commemorate your elegant affair. Long after your wedding, toasts may be made in your honor as your guests remember the event with a personalized wedding tumbler.

Another idea would be to select different versions of tumblers to feature at each of your wedding events. You could use unique customized tumblers at your wedding shower, rehearsal dinner and reception, thereby linking each event to a commonly themed whole.

For a more elegant touch, you have the option of using glass designs. With various styles to accommodate champagne, wine or beer, you can surprise your guests with any type of customized glassware appropriate to the theme of your event.


Adding wedding coasters to go along with your tumblers or glassware can round off the look and feel you are going for.

While they are a perfect complement to customized tumblers, they are equally as elegant on their own. Your guests gain a charming keepsake to take home at the end of the evening, and they will remember the day fondly because of it.

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Wedding Napkins

The right table accessories can add class to your wedding dinner settings, making your guests feel special and pampered. Personalized wedding napkins are a relatively minor detail in the larger picture that is your wedding, but the finer details are what guests notice most.

Having a table fitted with customized napkins, whether they are beverage napkins or for the meal, can enhance the affair and provide wonderful talking points for your guest.

While personalized napkins may not be the ideal take-home gift for your guests, they can be a cherished item to remember the day in years to come for you and your loved one.

Table Number Cards

A delightful affair with music, dancing and a great meal will only begin if your guests can find their way to their tables. Directing your guests with table number cards can make them feel at ease and keep the event moving smoothly so everyone can enjoy themselves.

Customized table number cards are a wonderful addition to a centerpiece that can tie into the overall theme and design of your wedding day, making it even more special for everyone. They come in different shapes and sizes, and they can display the design of your choice.

Place Cards

With table number cards leading each guest in the right general direction, you can further organize the flow of guests into the reception area with place cards. Acting like small personal notes to guests informing them of where you would like them to be in the room, they can alleviate any confusion or stress about where everyone should be sitting.

Customized place cards are an elegant way to impress each of your guests with the thought you have put into your wedding day. You can display the theme of your wedding in a small and personalized note.

Menu Cards

As your guests arrive at their tables to see all the wonderful decorations and anticipate a memorable party ahead, make sure they notice the menu card on the table. By aligning the design of your menu card to your wedding theme, it can act as more than just an indication of what food they might look forward to.

A menu card acts as a guide for the evening. With it, your guests should know what to expect and when. It informs your guests that may have dietary restrictions what food specifics they need to be aware of, showing that you have thought of everything that will allow them to relax and enjoy the affair.

While a single menu card at each table is common, placing one at each guest’s place is a very elegant touch. A personalized menu card at each place setting can act as your first opportunity to thank every one of your guests for joining you on your special occasion with an appreciative note on the back.

No matter what you choose for your wedding day and your table accessories, have fun with the choices and make them special to you.