What’s A Wedding Program and Why Is It Important?

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As your big day gets closer, most of the major planning is settled, and it’s time to sort out the little details. This can be both stressful and exciting at the same time. While thinking about transport, accessories, the guest book and so much more, it can be easy to overlook incorporating a wedding program into your big day.

What is a Wedding Program?

A wedding program is the couple’s way of letting their guests feel truly included in the ceremony. Traditionally, a program includes all information for what is to be expected.

It gives your guests something to look at in between small talk and can be a conversation starter for those who do not know many people in attendance. Some guests enjoy taking the wedding program home to have as a keepsake from your special day.

What Does the Wedding Program Include?

Writing and designing a wedding program can be created to fit every couple’s unique style. What is included in a couple’s program is completely up to them. They can keep it simple or make it more personal. A simple wedding program includes an introduction, the order of events including times, names of participants and a list of who is in the wedding party.

For the brides and grooms who want to give their guests a bit more information, they might include additional information such as stories of how they first met, quotes, lyrics from their favorite songs and even some fun facts about the couple’s personalities.

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Additional Information to Include

For some, it’s nice to provide short bios of the bridal party and a brief explanation of their relationship with the couple. This gives the family the opportunity to get to know whom you have chosen to stand by your side.

If there are moments involving guest participation, the wedding program is a great place to give your guests all the information they need to prepare. This can include the words to a prayer, song lyrics or moments when you would like everyone to stand up.

The wedding program can also contain educational information regarding any religious customs you have decided to include in the ceremony. This will prevent guests from feeling lost and give them a look at what your religion is all about.

In the case of a bride and groom with two different religions, the program is a wonderful place to explain to guests what elements from the ceremony are from each religion. In the unfortunate case of a loved one passing before the wedding, a wedding program is a special place where you can include a memorial. This is a beautiful way to include someone who was special to you who sadly cannot be in attendance on your special day.

The Design

A wedding program is typically designed with the theme of the wedding in mind. It can be colorful, detail-oriented or minimalistic–anything that gives your guests a glimpse into your personal style as a couple.

Unique Design Ideas

If you want your wedding program to stand out from all the rest, get creative! If the wedding is outside, it could be a fun idea to make the programs functional and have them also work as fans, for example. Expecting a lot of kids at your wedding? Include a game or two to keep them occupied so the parents can focus on you.

Order of What is Written

Typically, programs resemble a card with a cover on the front, information on the inside and a thank you note on the back. If you prefer a one-sided program, be sure to organize it so the most important information is on the top and anything extra is listed near the bottom.

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Where to Place Programs

There are so many interesting ways to organize how you hand out your programs. Volunteers can hand them out as guests arrive, you can place them on top of the seats or have a table near the aisle entrance for people to grab their own.

From keepsakes to providing guests with important event information, there are so many reasons why to incorporate this tiny but special detail into your day. This important piece of wedding stationery tells your story, helps your guests follow along during the ceremony, is a way to include special thanks, doubles as a wedding favor, can help you remember loved ones, adds to your details and recognizes special participants.

Wedding programs are just an overall fun way to keep your guests informed and help make them feel like they are a part of the ceremony. So, go out and have fun designing your wedding programs!