Rustic Wedding Invitations Perfect for Your Fall Wedding

Wedding sign says happily ever after starts here

Regardless of if you are a planner or someone who prefers a more free-spirited approach to your nuptials, every bride and groom wants their wedding to be perfect. For many, the perfect wedding translates to a beautifully decorated venue, filled with all of your family and friends who have joined together to celebrate your love. For others, it may be a small, intimate ceremony next to your favorite creek, with only a handful of family and friends as witnesses.

No matter what type of location you deem ideal for your ceremony, determining what style you wish to focus on for your wedding décor is one of the most important decisions a bride can make. Creating decorations that highlight your tastes, as well as the season in which you are saying, “I do,” is essential for setting the tone you wish to have on your special day.

For fall weddings, since nature has already put on the perfect colorful display to act as your backdrop, selecting some wonderful rustic wedding invitations will help embrace the simple beauty that Mother Nature has bestowed upon the season. Here are some fantastic wedding card ideas perfectly suited to your rustic, fall wedding.

Rack it Up

Deer antlers are one of the most versatile options when it comes to a perfect accent, for not only your wedding décor, but also your invitations. By adding in feminine elements, like flowers, to balance the masculine feel of the antlers, you can easily create the perfect country-chic invites. Keeping with this balance between soft and hard, using both cursive and block fonts will soften the formal feel of an official invitation by adding just a dash of unexpected fun, while still conveying the importance of the day.

Knot Your Average Invitations


One of the most quintessential romantic moments in old books or movies is when the two lovebirds carve their initials into a tree to forever signify their commitment to one another. Select invitations that convey that same warm feeling of perfect love and nostalgia to your guests. This is a beautiful way to mark the beginning of your lives together and even allow your guests to reminisce about their own love.

In addition to warmly welcoming people to celebrate your union, opting for an invitation that incorporates wood grain is an excellent nod to the season. The whorls on the invites will remind your guests to enjoy the beauty of the fall colors that you have oh-so-carefully chosen as the ideal accents for one of the most important days of your life. Using a unique wood grain as a background on your invitations is also a fantastic way to liven up your cards by incorporating interesting textures.

If initials aren’t your cup of tea, but you love nature, a fantastic alternative is to celebrate trees themselves. With their longevity and the fact that trees get stronger and more exquisite with each year that goes by, selecting a tree theme is an excellent representation of the strength of your relationship.

Birch trees in the fall are visually stunning with their pale bark and vibrant yellow, gold and orange leaves dancing on their branches. Allowing one to frame the side of your cards will add a perfect pop of color, while also demonstrating all the wonderful ways your relationship will grow over time.

Beautiful Blooms

If your perfect rustic wedding focuses on all the colors and textures seen in nature, adding some of those elements into your invitations is a great way to embrace the season, while also maintaining the casual elegance you are aiming for on your wedding day. Typical fall icons, such as leaves or pumpkins, are a great way to highlight the autumnal colors and still include some whimsy. For a softer feel, selecting lovely blooms with yellow, orange or red petals are both elegant and timeless, while still holding true to your rustic wedding décor.

Final Thoughts

Choosing invitations that suit not only your theme, but also your taste, is key in helping your nuptials go off without a hitch. Invitations are especially important, because not only do they officially welcome your family and friends to celebrate your love and devotion to one another, but they also inform your guests of the style of the ceremony.

Wedding Couple

Incorporating some of these amazing autumn elements into your invitations will make them remarkable, helping your day to be perfectly planned down to the smallest detail. So, send out those invitations and put on the beautiful dress or stylish suit. However, remember no matter what else happens, that your wedding day will always be perfect because you are celebrating the start of your amazing journey together.