How to Find the Perfect Beach Wedding Invitations for Your Tropical Celebration

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You have the rings. You have the dress. You have the wedding party. And, you have the ideal tropical location for your wedding celebration. Of course, now you need to invite your closest family and friends to enjoy this momentous occasion. You think you’d like your wedding invitations to incorporate the tropical vibes that will be showcased at your wedding, but you’re not sure exactly what you want.

After all, you want your invitations to be special, as they will offer your guests the first glimpse of your impending nuptials. Use this guide to find your perfect beach wedding invitations and you’re destined to find the ideal invites for your special day.

Think About Your Colors

Once you’ve decided on a beach wedding, there are lots of options for you when it comes to colors. Shades of blue, white and tan are often associated with the beach and can be easily incorporated into your chosen wedding invitations.

All-white invitations are classic when it comes to weddings. And, if you are having a beach wedding, where perhaps the entire wedding party will be wearing white and enjoying the casual atmosphere of the tropics, don’t hesitate to choose an all-white invitation for your wedding.

When you are having a beach wedding, you can’t help but think about the water. Whether you choose a lighter blue or turquoise that reminds you of the crashing ocean waves or a navy blue with a nautical theme, you can’t go wrong when using blue in your wedding invitations.

And then there’s the sand. Differing shades of tan could be used to evoke that feeling of the sand your guests will experience when they attend your nuptials. But don’t limit yourself to these hues. Bright yellows and oranges might remind you of sunsets. Or, perhaps your wedding party will be wearing gorgeous pink maxi dresses when you tie the knot. As with anything, pick invitations that make you happy and are a reflection of your special day.

hibiscus wedding invitation

Think About Special Flowers and Fruits Unique to Your Location

If your wedding is taking place in a special location, maybe you’d like to incorporate something unique from your locale. Perhaps you know that orchids or hibiscus are readily available at your destination and will be part of your bouquet — making them a great accent for your invitation. Because flowers can come in many colors, this is a great way to add some brightness to your invitations. Oranges and pinks are vibrant colors, which can really make your invitations stand out.

Or, if you’re planning a wedding in Hawaii — the land of pineapples — you may choose invitations which feature this delectable fruit. Remember that pineapples are a symbol of welcome and friendship, and what a great way to show your guests where they will be heading for the special day, and how much you want them to attend. And don’t forget the palm trees. Palm trees will definitely bring a tropical vibe to your invitations and let your guests know they are in for a wonderful time at your beach wedding.

starfish invitation

Think About Items Found at the Beach

Will your wedding reception incorporate your tropical theme? Will the tables have centerpieces that might include shells or starfish? Is this beach known for dolphin watching? There are many invitations available which can showcase these things, too.

Scallop shells are a highly recognizable shell that will tell your guests they are heading to the beach for your big day. And, did you know that starfish are known to represent divine love? This makes them a great way to connect your beach theme to your wedding day. And sailors once considered dolphins a positive omen — which is, of course, how you want to start out your married life.

Think About What You Love

As with anything related to your wedding, make sure your wedding invitations are a reflection of what you love. If you and your fiancé enjoy spending time at the beach, perhaps your invitation can have a seascape on it. Do you both enjoy diving and exploring coral beds? There’s an invitation that can share this with your guests.

A beach wedding in a tropical locale can take on many different forms, depending on the desires of the bride and groom. It may be a simple invitation incorporating shades of blue to remind you of the ocean. Or, perhaps you’ll choose a bright and colorful invitation showcasing the local flora. No matter what you end up choosing, your beach wedding is bound to be special, and your invitation will provide your guests with the first sneak peek at your special day.