9 Unique Ideas for Your Wedding Guestbook

wedding guest book

Too often, a wedding guestbook gets packed away shortly after the wedding, never allowing us to fully appreciate what people had to say to us on our special day. Fortunately, there are ways for your guestbook to serve as a record of your wedding guests , as well as something you can display in your home long after your wedding.

#1. Picture Frame

Take a photo of you and your bride- or groom-to-be and put it into a frame with a border for your guests to sign. This is one of the easiest mementos to display in your home, and it allows you to reminisce on this time in your life.

#2. Engagement Photos

If you had photos taken of your engagement, put them to good use by displaying them in your guestbook. It will allow your guests to enjoy some pictures and, more importantly, it makes your guestbook an appealing piece of décor for your home.

#3. Your Initials

Of all the ways that you and your spouse merge together, one of the most significant is your newly-shared last name. To emphasize the significance of this, find a large letter that fits with your other wedding décor and have your guests sign it. While your initials may not seem as easy to display after the wedding, if you choose wisely, this can be a very attractive display piece for a living room or bedroom.

#4. Globe

Whether you are a couple that enjoys traveling or one that is just obsessed with globes, having a globe serve as your guestbook is simply one of the most unique ways to collect signatures and advice. Along with their words of wisdom, encourage guests to write where they’re from, where they like to go, or where they want to go.

#5. Wishing Stones

You can either find your own stones outside or purchase them. As long as they can be written on, they can function as a de-facto wedding guestbook. Place a basket of stones near the entrance of your wedding and have a sign encouraging guests to sign a stone as they arrive. After the wedding, you can display them in that basket or a vase as your table’s centerpiece.

#6. Bench or Chair

Even if you don’t have a piece of furniture that you want people writing on, a bench or chair can be built if you or your spouse are proficient with tools. Carve your initials into it and have your guests sign it alongside their wisdom. How often can you get good advice while you lounge? With a freshly-signed bench or chair, it suddenly becomes possible.

#7. Puzzle Pieces

If you love putting things together, this is one of the most pleasurable ways to enjoy the anecdotes of your wedding attendees. Get a puzzle and have each of your guests sign a piece of it. After the wedding, have all of the pieces placed in the puzzle’s box. A stay-in date night is an ideal time for you and your new spouse to take out the puzzle and put it together. This is a great way to bond as a couple, and it makes a cute decoration once it’s all put together.

#8. Game Pieces

If you’re a couple that loves games, board games in particular, this is a great way to incorporate that love into your wedding. Start by choosing a game that you both enjoy, and put the pieces out for your guests to sign and decorate with words of wisdom and encouragement. Not only will you and your new spouse get the pleasure of playing this game together, you’ll get to play the game while appreciating what your friends and family wrote to you. You can also break out the game when guests come over so they can enjoy the memories along with you.

#9. Notecards

Having your guests fill out notecards is a great way to encourage variety in what your guests write. For instance, have a box with different categories, from advice to well wishes, for your guests to choose from.

Final Thoughts

Traditional wedding ideas are popular for a reason, but sometimes it’s fun to be unique. These unique guestbook ideas allow you to go outside of the traditional box while allowing you and your guests to express your creative sides. If you feel overwhelmed at the prospect of implementing these unique wedding ideas, feel free to contact a wedding expert so you can make your unique ideas a reality.

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