Inspiration: 5 Styles of Invitations for a Whimsical Wedding

AM2Whimsy is something we often associate with children, but the truth is, not all of us lose our whimsy once we face the grown-up world. Once we find ourselves facing the inevitability of marriage, it is always good to go back to our roots. We wish to get married from our childhood home because we have the happiest memories there. For a wedding, it is perfect if we can somehow bring back that playful and quiet touch of fantasy as someone who dreamt of walking down the aisle made up of a carpet lit up by fireflies in the sky.

One aspect of the wedding that most people overlook is that of the wedding invitation cards. Sure—all wedding cards start looking the same after the 30th selection, but, if you’re still up for some whimsy, you can make your card portray the real you: an indication that your life after marriage isn’t going to be just your responsibility; it is going to be your playtime, which you’ll enjoy forever more with the one you love.

Flourish and Swirls

Whenever we think of anything with a touch of whimsy, we think of swirls and vines wrapping themselves around, flourishing, with a wonderful touch of color, yet maintaining the elegance of delicateness. For a wedding to balance out that touch of class, while making sure that the invitation fits the overall theme of the wedding, it is necessary to make sure that the invite isn’t too garish.

Take the Reese wedding invitation, for example. With a shade of goldenrod, the maroon vines encompass the message of the invite within and, with the contrast of maroon to yellow, you carry on the surreal feel of making your childhood dream come true.

A Fairytale Happy Ending

One thing we all wanted when we watched cartoon movies was the happy ending. While some cynics might argue, happy endings happen for those who are willing to work for what they deserve. Your wedding isn’t your happy ending; it is your happy beginning, and so, with a touch of grace and a little fairy dust, you can choose the most beautiful wedding invitations, like the Storybook Ending Wedding Invitation.

With the phrase “Dreams do Come True,” you shall clearly be declaring to the world that you have gotten what you always dreamt of, and that was someone who would share your wishes and strive to make them come true.

Spring Time Invite

There is always that one child we wish we could be with, at times. The vibrant, happy-go-lucky kid who was always your shoulder to cry on, and who made you laugh. If you were that child, then you need to make your wedding reflect your inner self.

While a simple white elegant invitation would make sense for a wedding, we need to realize that our wedding is for ourselves. It is a celebration of the union between two people who love each other, and, thus, if you want to choose an invite like the Maysie Wedding Invitation; then do so, because your special day should put a smile on your face.

Simplest Minimalist

The word “love” is very easily thrown around these days. When you truly love someone, you often feel the weight of the word. It carries a lot of meaning, and it conveys a message, and, although we might have gotten so used to love that it might have lost some of its value, for those who feel it, the word means the world to them.

To make other people think of love, you don’t need to give a speech. Simply selecting the right card will do. If you’re going with a simplistic yet colorful style with your wedding, then choosing an invite like the Sophia Wedding Invitation will bring together the theme of your special day.

Bold and Loud

Your whimsy does not need to start like a Wes Anderson movie. If you want to have a wedding bash, then you need to go all out. Every child is different and, if you want to have a wedding like a star, then it would be unfair for you to deny yourself the chance.

However, that doesn’t mean you need to spend thousands of dollars just so you can feel like a celebrity, which would just be a bad decision. If you have a bright and bold idea, opt for a wedding invite like the Stylish Wedding Invitation.

Your wedding is your special day, and before you start any of the big stuff, you need to make sure that all the little things are according to your taste, because after all, it is you who will cherish the lasting memories of this day!

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