Vintage Bridal Themes for Retro Brides

modern bride and groom on bench

Brides who are gearing up for their wedding day will likely have a good idea about what kind of theme they want for the big event. Whether it’s a rustic theme, polka dots, black tie, or fairy-tale, every bride can envision herself walking down the aisle in a particular setting.

For those brides who are thinking about a vintage theme for their wedding, it’s likely that they appreciate the simpler things in life—family heirlooms, all things lace, and classic styles. A vintage theme is a wonderful option for weddings, and there are all kinds of decorations you can use to make this idea come to life.

If you or someone you know is planning their big day around a vintage theme, consider these ideas for retro brides.

All Things Lace

One of the most popular bridal gown styles for a vintage-themed wedding is a lace dress. This type of style is soft and romantic, and lace is a charming old-school material that can be modernized. For your big day, consider a dress in lace that can be both simple and sophisticated at the same time.

In terms of the rest of your wedding theme, lace can be tied into almost anything. It can be used for napkins, tablecloths, chair covers, and all kinds of other settings to pull the vintage look together.


Nothing adds a vintage touch like some fresh draping greenery. Fill your venue with lots of natural elements and fresh greens to quickly transport your guests into a simpler time. This is something you can easily incorporate into your bridal look by including lots of fresh sprigs in your bouquet, as well as the bridesmaids and groomsmen accessories.

You might also consider adding greenery to your headdress, which is another great way to add a look that is simple but beautiful. Tie in a few brightly-colored flowers to create a headdress that will make you stand out among your beautiful wedding party.

bridesmaid wearing strings of pearls

Pretty Pearls

Pearls can be very flexible when it comes to your décor, and you can certainly use them in all kinds of things for your vintage wedding theme. This kind of jewelry brings out timeless themes like The Great Gatsby with lush parties and not a care in the world.

To incorporate pearls into your wedding vintage theme, consider them first as an accessory for the bride and bridesmaids. This can be as simple as wearing them for earrings or as lush as draping them around your neck in multiple layers. To add them into your wedding theme, consider using pearls for fancy centerpieces, adding them to your bouquet with other pieces of jewelry, or sprinkling them over the reception tables. Don’t worry about going outside of your budget for these items. Synthetic pearls can be purchased from crafting stores in all different kinds of colors and sizes.


This material is the ultimate option for weddings that are embracing the vintage theme. Burlap is ideal because the color goes with almost any wedding color scheme, and it’s handy for all kinds of crafts and needs like chair decorations and table runners. It even looks great as a design element to your “Save the Date” invitations.

This look is rustic and very vintage since the coloring and style are simple. However, burlap is a very durable material, and weddings that incorporate it often have an inviting country feel that many couples love.

For brides who want to tie the burlap into their look, it’s usually best to save the burlap for the bouquets. The material looks great against all kinds of colors and can also be decorated with ribbons of the bride’s choice. This is a simple addition to a wedding, but one of the most effective items to make the ceremony feel more vintage.

retro wedding reception area


If you choose a vintage wedding theme, consider gathering some heirlooms from your family and friends, even if it’s just for the big day.

This might include fun furniture that your guests can sit on, family jewelry that the bride can wear, old frames to showcase the happy couple, or even family treasures that can dress up the reception room. These kinds of items make a wedding a lot more personal and special, not only for the bride and groom but for the people who contributed their personal items.


There are all kinds of approaches to create a vintage look for your wedding. If you’re having a hard time settling on one particular style, try to decide on a theme and work your way from there. See what kinds of items you can borrow from your family before you go spending too much; you never know what gems might be waiting to be discovered!

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