The Importance Of Wedding Favors

Unique Wedding Favor Ideas

Many wedding customs date back to the Romans, who had a highly developed culture and set of traditions in many areas of life, including the wedding. Not only did they celebrate the ceremony itself, the union of the bride and groom was viewed politically, strengthening both families and their influence by extension. Consequently, as part of the celebration, guests were given wedding favors as a sign of gratitude. While we may not know whether formal Wedding Favor Tags were included, they have definitely found their way into the modern wedding, as have wedding cups, place cards and table cards.

The Importance of Giving Wedding Favors

Most contemporary weddings give wedding favors to their guests, as a sign of graciousness for sharing the special day with the couple who marries. Wedding favor tags have become a part of this tradition, which customarily includes a brief sentiment, the couples’ names and the wedding date, as a memento of appreciation. Wedding favors can be as simple as chocolates or other sweets with wedding favor tags attached, or as exotic as jelly been ‘bars’ with favor tags attached to pretty gauze bags that guests fill up on their own at the bar!

Kinds of Wedding Favors

Some weddings provide guests with more elaborate wedding favors. These can include themed cookies in specialty shapes, seed packet favors, hand-made sachets, mini vases, wine stoppers, candles, and many other personalized keepsakes. Favors with attached wedding favor tags may be placed at each dinner setting or be displayed at an elegantly decorated table at the front of the reception hall. Regardless of size or kind of favors that are chosen, the small token of gratitude and celebration is extended to each guest by the bride and groom conveying their own style.

Theme Related Wedding Favors

It is not uncommon for couples to share a part of themselves with their guests by giving theme-related wedding favors. This can include ethnic choices such as chopsticks or silk fans with wedding favor tags attached, to hobby items related to favorite activities, such as scuba diving or snorkeling where the happy couple gives out decorative starfish. Other couples may give seasonal gifts if marrying around the holidays or in warm climates. Decorative holiday ornaments in winter and sunglasses or mini bottles of sunscreen in summer (a particular favorite for tropical destination weddings) have become very popular as well.