10 Reasons Why We Love Pocket Wedding Invitations 

orange brown pocket wedding invitation

Pocket wedding invitations are on the rise, and there is a good reason for it. As the time to send out wedding invitations approaches, you may feel overwhelmed by choices. Whether to go traditional with a card or unique like a magnet can be a hard decision, but when it comes to invitations, pocket wedding invitations are a step above the rest.

That is why we have comprised a list of ten reasons why we adore pocket wedding invitations to make your decision ten times easier.

  1. Organization

When it comes to an organized invitation, pocket wedding invites have all others beat. With multiple options as to how many pockets your invites contain, there is no ending to the possibilities.

Pocket wedding invitations allow you to place all information on their own individual card. This enables your guests to separate all the pieces and place them where they are most needed or keep everything in an elegant little package so no information is lost.

  1. RSVPs

Are you and your partner concerned about your guests sending in their RSVP cards? Traditional wedding invitations ask your guests to call or email with their RSVP, which, if we are being honest, even the most organized of us can forget to do.

Pocket invitations allow the couple to prepare everything a guest needs in order to RSVP. You can place an RSVP card with an already addressed and stamped envelope into its own pocket, so all your guest needs to do is check yes and throw it into the mail.

  1. Easy for Out of Town Guests

We all know how hard it can be to give out of town wedding guests the information they need. Having them call you pre-wedding with a thousand questions about where to stay or how to rent a car can add additional unnecessary stress to your planning.

With a pocket invitation, you have all the space you need to include a special card just for those people making a special trip to be a part of your celebration. This card can include everything from hotels, car rentals, best places to eat and directions, so those out of town guests have a reference point for when they start planning their trip.

  1. Clean Elegance

Traditional invitations can look cluttered with all that information crammed onto one tiny piece of paper. With a pocket wedding invite, all this information is separated, giving your invite a clean, elegant look that stands above the rest.

  1. Design

With all the additional detail possibilities of a pocket invite, you can add as much or as little as you want to the design. Pocket wedding invitations have so much space to add extra color and details without overloading your cards with detail.

For couples who enjoy an architectural style, pockets can be folded in so many ways to ensure your invites have a unique appearance.

blue wedding invitation

  1. Portable Pocket

A portable pocket invitation is one pocket which is filled with all your various cards before being placed in the envelope. This design makes it easy for guests to hang it on the wall or fridge and have easy access to all your wedding details.

  1. Bi-Fold

This folded pocket invitation is super elegant and will take your guests by surprise when they open it. A bi-folded invite is a single folded piece of paper with two internal pockets. This gives you the opportunity to place a card with all your wedding details on one side and the RSVP card and additional information on the other.

  1. Tri-Fold

One step above the bi-fold invite is the tri-fold. It has three pockets for those couples who want optimum organization. Typically, a tri-fold invite is folded twice with the opening being centralized. Once guests open a tri-fold pocket invitation, the central panel includes all the important details and the two side panels contain the additional information. Talk about fancy!

green wedding invitation

  1. DIY Options

If you are looking for fun ways to allow your wedding party to bond with each other, DIY invites are the perfect project. There is no better way to have fun while getting to know each other than sitting around a table with fun wedding stationery, some wine and lots of art supplies while being creative. Pocket wedding invites have so many elements that you can have each member of the party be in charge of their own task while still making sure your invitations match one another.

  1. They are So Modern!

For the modern brides and grooms out there, pocket wedding invites are your way to show guests that you’re ahead of the game with the trends before pocket invitations become the go-to wedding invitation!