All in One Wedding Invitations: A Smart and Easy Way to Manage Your Wedding Invitations

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Choosing the perfect wedding invitation can be an exciting but challenging process. You want your invitation to reflect you and your partner’s tastes, hint at your wedding theme and provide as much information as simply as possible about the upcoming nuptials.  

Having to worry about people remembering to RSVP or making sure you’ve ordered enough extra invitations in case you forgot someone on your list can put an extra strain on the planning process. Fortunately, all that trouble is manageable with all-in-one wedding invitations.

The genius of all-in-one wedding invitations

All-in-one wedding invitations combine all the elements of inviting guests and guest management into one easy to manage package. This means your invitee will receive not only an invitation but also a direction card that lets them know how to find the event, a reception card that informs them of the dinner and a detachable or accessory response card that allows your guests to RSVP with ease. Let’s take a look at the optional components of all-in-one wedding invitations to find out how they can streamline your wedding guest management process.

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Traditional response cards

The best thing about all-in-one wedding invitations is that they include a customized RSVP card. This is a key element to consider when choosing between different designs, as having RSVP cards included from the beginning will make the planning process so much easier for you. Sometimes, guests simply forget about responding because they don’t have something physical to deal with, such as a card. Your guests will have to take action with a card in their hands, meaning fewer forgotten RSVPs that may mess up your seating plan and food order numbers.

A great way to keep track of your inbound RSVP cards is to personalize them through the all-in-one invitation process, making it even easier for your guests to respond.

The option to RSVP Online

If you prefer, you can use your RSVP card to direct guests to respond online. This is the epitome of ease in managing your wedding invitations. Simply include a link to a website where the guest can let you know whether they will be in attendance.

In order to do this effectively, it is important to ensure you collect the necessary information to identify who is RSVP-ing. Not everyone has an email relevant to their name. You’ll need to ask them for their:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Number of people in their party
  • Ability to attend

An easy-to-follow direction card

All-in-one wedding invitations include an easy to follow direction card that shows the location of your wedding, with hotel recommendations and local airport information for out of town guests. This assists guests when navigating to your wedding because the last thing you need is a large number of people calling you at the last minute saying they are lost!

In addition, direction cards also tell people which public transport is best to take to and from your venue or directions they can hand over to a taxi driver should they choose to drink. It is a smart choice that not only reduces stress from the management side; it is also a safe choice when it comes to host responsibility. You may also include information about transportation you are including such as shuttles, limos or golf carts from the hotel to the church or from the wedding venue to the reception.

A multichoice dinner selection card

If you have diners with differing meal requirements, special meal requirements or if you’re not going with buffet style and offering a choice of dish, then a dinner selection card offers ultimate kitchen and food order management, as it allows guests to preselect the meal they would like. It’s as simple as asking them whether they would like the chicken or the fish, but it actually adds up to smart savings as there is less chance your food will go wasted, meaning dollars well spent.

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With the most important of guest management issues solved, the convenient and cost-effective all-in-one wedding invitation allows you to fully enjoy your wedding without the hassles event management can bring. All-in-one wedding invitations are fully customizable from the color to the ink to the accessory cards you include. You can even mix and match the paper, ink and envelope colors to meet your taste and bring out your creative side.

This is your special day, make it simpler with all-in-one wedding invitations.