Less Is More: Five Tips for Simple Wedding Invitations

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“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

Do these words by Leonardo da Vinci ring true to the way you live your life? Do you crave simple and elegant and have a minimalist mindset? Did you know the word “simple” doesn’t necessarily mean plain or boring? Are you planning to implement this philosophy into your upcoming wedding?

If you answered yes to these questions, use these five tips for choosing simple wedding invitations that will show your guests how less can be more, even when it comes to your impending nuptials:

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1. Limit Your Color Palette

When it comes to choosing colors that you showcase throughout your special day, one way you can let your minimalist ways shine through is to limit them. By choosing two or three colors that adorn everything from the bridal party dresses to the floral arrangements to the wedding invitations, you embrace simplicity.

Don’t think for a minute that a limited color palette is boring or unimaginative. Numerous elegant wedding invitations embrace this philosophy.

One of the most classic palettes you can choose is a black and white scheme with, perhaps, an accent color of your choice. Spring and summer weddings may have you using fuchsia or turquoise as an accent color, while fall and winter weddings may call for burgundy or forest green. Spend some time making sure your color palette fits with your minimalist wedding ideas.

2. Don’t Go Crazy with Fonts

Today, there are close to 300,000 different fonts available to use. While you may feel tempted to mix and match fonts throughout your wedding invitation and other wedding stationery, ask yourself if that really reflects your minimalist intentions. The answer is probably not.

In fact, if you want to create simple, elegant wedding invitations that showcase your sophistication, choose one great font and stick with it for all your wedding stationery needs. This does not mean you need to limit your font to boring block letters. You can choose a gorgeous cursive script if that fits your style, but keep in mind that your wedding invitations should be easy to read so that your guests can take note of all the important details.

3. Include Only the Necessities

Have you ever received a wedding invitation that was overcrowded and so filled with unnecessary words that you thought you were reading something written in the 18th century? If you crave the simpler things, then this probably was not your favorite style of invitation. Now that your wedding is here, let your simplicity come through on your wedding invitations by refraining from using frivolous words and phrases. Doing so keeps your invitations from looking crowded and makes them much easier for your guests to read.

Additionally, when it comes to choosing the wording for your wedding invitation, keep your language straightforward. You do not need to write “the pleasure of your company is requested” when you can simply say, “Please join us.”

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4. An Image Can Say It All

Who hasn’t heard the expression, “a picture is worth a thousand words”? When it comes to creating a simple yet elegant wedding invitation, you can indeed incorporate a photo or image into your design. If your engagement photos turned out so amazing that you’d like to showcase one on your invitation, do so.

If you’re planning a destination wedding, including a photo of where your wedding will take place as a background can add visual interest to your invitation and entice guests. Photos can add greatly to your design without being distracting or taking away from the simple style you desire.

5. Be Creative with the Envelope

One of the often-overlooked places you can show off your simple but elegant nature is with your wedding envelopes. For your outer envelope, you may showcase a minimalist aesthetic through the simple stamp you choose for postage or in the calligraphy used for addressing your invitations to family and friends. Once again, this is a chance to be creative, simple and stylish.

Don’t forget about the wedding invitation inner envelope. There are many choices you can make as to how you address your guests on the inner wedding envelope based on the formality of your invitations. Definitely take a look at your guest list and make sure you address inner envelopes correctly for your various wedding attendees.

When it comes to following through on the “less is more” idea with your wedding invitations, let these five tips be your style guide. When your guests open your gorgeous wedding invitations, you are providing them with a sneak peek at what they can expect at your nuptials. They should know your wedding is going to be simple yet elegant — just like you.