Four Reasons Every Couple Should Use Wedding Stationery

couple announcing engagement

You’re engaged! Now it’s time to start planning for your wedding day. There’s so much to think about: your flowers, the bridesmaids’ dresses, the venue for the wedding and the reception, your menu, gifts for the bridal party, invitations.

The list goes on and on. If you are looking to remove the stress of one of the things on your to-do list, take a moment to think about your wedding stationery.

While your wedding invitations are a critical part of your nuptials, your wedding stationery consists of much more than just your invitations. You can choose an entire collection of wedding stationery that will cover everything from your engagement party invites to your save-the-date cards to your wedding program to your invitations and thank you notes. Using wedding stationery throughout the planning process leading up to your beautiful wedding has four advantages that you should consider:

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1. Consistency

Of course, the wedding invitations are one of the shining stars of your wedding. Your invitations guarantee that you can spend your wedding day with all your dear family and friends. There are, however, other stationery items that need your attention, such as your thank you notes and wedding program.

For example, if you decide to hand out a traditional wedding program at the ceremony, you definitely want to choose a design that coordinates with your style. This provides consistency from start to finish when it comes to your wedding. Remember, not all wedding stationery needs to stick to an identical and coordinated theme, but it should at least be consistent, perhaps in color palette or font or with the use of a specific image.

2. Personalization

Your wedding is an extremely personal moment that you are sharing with family and friends. As such, you want your wedding stationery to reflect you. It should showcase your personal style. Think of it as creating a “brand” for your wedding and all that you might associate with it.

As the planning process starts, take the time to make sure you personalize your stationery. Think about all the areas in your stationery collection that allow for personalization. How are you going to word your wedding program?

Can you apply stickers to create an invitation that reflects your style? How about creating a stamp that you can use on napkins, place cards, or menus? When you personalize all areas of your wedding, your guests will take notice.

3. No Worries About Forgetting

From the moment you get engaged, you are going to be busy. Extremely busy. You need to plan time to meet with caterers, florists, wedding venue managers and your wedding officiant. So when you design your wedding invitations, this is the perfect opportunity to create all the stationery you need so that this important task can be checked off your to-do list.

Take a close look at everything that is available from your stationery supplier and make a list of all your needs. You should find that you can take care of wedding programs, menus, bridal party thank you cards and much more all at once. When you order everything at the same time, you won’t find yourself scrambling to get your hands on rehearsal dinner invitations or wedding gift thank you cards as your big day approaches. With everything covered, you’ll have plenty of time to focus on the other things you need to accomplish.

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4. Wedding Keepsakes

When you’ve taken the time to create a gorgeous collection of wedding stationery, it can act as the perfect way to remember all aspects of your wedding. You might frame your wedding invitation or add it to an album along with photos taken on your special day. You could also use all the stationery pieces to make a shadow box chronicling everything from your engagement party to the wedding reception menu. Be sure to keep one piece of each stationery item to add to your keepsake collection.

Don’t forget the important people who attend your wedding. Mothers, fathers and bridesmaids might love to have your gorgeous wedding stationery to add to photo albums and scrapbooks. Just as the stationery acts as a reminder of the special times for you, it can be a meaningful memento for the important people in your life.

Now that you know why wedding stationery is so important to your nuptials, it’s time to get started picking out all the items you need for your stationery collection. You can create gorgeous invitations to your engagement party, stunning wedding invitations with coordinating programs and thank you notes that truly show off your style. Your guests will love the attention to detail you showcase through all your stationery choices, and you’ll love knowing that you’ve completed a critical wedding task.