Thank You Cards: Etiquette

Engaged couples will find plenty of uses for Thanks You cards up until, and well after, their wedding date. From engagement parties to wedding gifts to general acts of support and love, people in your life will be showering you with love and you will want to be prepared to thank your loved ones in style. Here are answers to some common questions surrounding Thank you Cards:

Can I send one thank you to each person and include all the gifts they gave me?

Etiquette and common courtesy require that you write a timely thank you note for each gift given at each event; bridal shower, engagement party, bachelorette party, etc. They should be sent as soon as possible after the gift is received. This means you will likely be sending thank you notes before your wedding date arrives.

What should be printed on thank you cards?

What you choose to have printed on your Thank You notes is up to you! Traditionally, Thank You cards allow for one line of printing on the front, and are blank inside.

Some Options for the Front of the Thank You Card Include:

  • The words “Thank You” in the same font and color as your invitation
  • Personalized stationery with the couple’s monogram (this can double as informal stationery)
  • The name of the bride and groom (this can also double as informal stationery)
  • Browse additional ideas for Wedding Thank You Cards

What is a couple’s monogram?

A couple’s monogram consists of the bride’s first initial, then the couple’s last initial, and then the groom’s first initial.

“Katrina and James Matthews” would appear as “KMJ”.

How should our names be printed on our thank you cards?

Once again, this will depend on how closely you want to follow formal tradition. “Mr. and Mrs. James Matthews” would be most formal way to print your names. “Katrina and James” is a less formal but still appropriate option.

Is the name of the bride or groom printed first?

The bride’s name should always appear first on any printed items related to the wedding.

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