American Wedding: New Designs are Blooming


It’s spring time and we’ve got some new designs coming out. We recently debuted some summery floral and garden inspired wedding invites as well as invites that are chic and modern. Pretty much something for everyone! Take a look and let us know which are your favorite! First off, let’s start with all of our new Floral Wedding Invitation Designs.
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American Wedding: True Southern Charm

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Hey ya’ll, check out this feature of a real life couple just married in South Carolina. Nicole and Michael were married in the romantic, historic town of Charleston, SC. The trendy colors of white, coral, and plum gave the wedding a delightful vintage charm. Perfect for their six bridesmaids, and six groomsmen on a fall
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Bridal Party: Cheers to the Happy Couple!


Toasting the bride and groom has been a long standing tradition. There are usually many speeches (hoping not boring or horrifying) and merriment by all. What better way to toast a couple then by doing so in an actual winery right here in Indiana? There is an air of romance and sophistication when at a
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The Wedding Day: Technology Etiquette for Your Wedding Day

Summer Wedding

In the United States, alone, the wedding market is a 55 billion dollar industry. Although wedding ceremonies are long rooted in tradition, the way in which we prepare for the event is ever changing. As new technology takes over our lives, the way we plan for the big day will adjust accordingly. For example, Pinterest
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Uncategorized: Are You Planning A Destination Wedding?


Destination weddings are not only fun to plan, but everyone involved remembers the entire affair for years and years to come. A destination wedding, contrary to belief, doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive or have to be held out of the country in an exotic location to be considered a success. Many picturesque and beautiful
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Wedding Trends: Floral Crowns

Brides-to-be put a lot of thought, time, and research into how they’ll look on their wedding day. Small details of their look such as hair and jewelry suddenly become very important. One of the biggest bridal trends is the floral crown – whether with an intricate up-do or loose, flowing waves, the floral crown is
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Wedding Colors: Gray and Yellow

One of the biggest modern wedding trends in color is pairing yellow with gray. The color combination is extremely versatile and perfectly adaptable for a celebration in any of the 4 seasons. Having a Spring wedding? Stick to a pastel yellow and a lighter gray. Meanwhile, a Summer wedding is the perfect time to utilize
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