Nine Ways for You to Keep Children at a Wedding Entertained


If you have made the decision to include children in your wedding, you are in for a lot of fun. Including children in the wedding party is a great way to help them feel special, and they provide plenty of energy to keep the celebrations going. However, once their role in the ceremony is over, it can be challenging to keep them occupied and entertained for the remainder of the wedding. Here are nine activities you can organize to entertain the ring bearers and flowers girls at your wedding.

#1 The Classic “Kiddies Table”

Nothing says You’re Special like your own table with your very own personalized place card. The Kiddie table is a classic way to give ring bearers, flower girls, and any other young children a sense of inclusion in the wedding. Ask the caterer to serve kid-friendly meals. Children who are not old enough to feed themselves should be seated with adults.

#2 Provide a Goody Bag

In addition to setting up a kiddie table, you could also set the table with goody bags. Place small activities, games, or coloring books in the bags—anything that will keep little hands busy and minds occupied throughout the night.


#3 Hire a Children’s Entertainer

You could opt to incorporate the children’s entertainment into the reception, or organize for the entertainer to take the children to another part of the venue, depending on the kind of venue you have hired. Great choices for kid’s entertainment include clowns, magicians, or face painters.

#4 Hire a Babysitter

Knowing that someone is there to supervise any activities and prevent any mischief can take a huge weight off the minds of both the bride and the child’s parents. A babysitter can keep younger children occupied and help the night run more smoothly by ensuring all the youngsters are fed and entertained. This means less worry for the bride and some free time for the parents to enjoy the festivities.


#5 Let Them Show Off Their Dance Moves

Kids have some truly entertaining dance moves, and they like nothing more than to be spun, twirled, and flipped around the dance floor by fun-loving adults. However, when the adults are feeling a little exhausted from all their partying, let the kids have free rein on the dance floor.

Have the band or DJ play some kid-friendly music and let them show off their awesome moves. Or organize some musical games for them to play, such as limbo, musical chairs, and musical statues. Just be sure to provide cute prizes at the end for the participants.

#6 Provide a Quiet Area

If your wedding reception is indoors, or your wedding is going to go on late into the night, it may be a prudent idea to use a venue with an area that can be used for quiet time. Kids have a lot of energy, but after all that food, dancing, and sitting through the ceremony, you may find their attention spans and tempers are shorter.

A quiet area with quiet games or even a DVD setup can provide some much-needed respite for the children and their parents. It is especially helpful during times when kids are required to sit still for a long time, such as during the speeches.

#7 Appoint Them as Junior Photographer

Kids love to feel as though they are an integral part of the day but, after the ceremony is over, the ring bearers and flower girls may feel like you don’t need them anymore. By appointing them as junior photographers, not only will you help them to continue to feel special throughout the day, but you will also end up with some great candid shots of the wedding. Give each child a disposable camera and enjoy the images they capture of your wedding.

#8 Make Use of the Outdoors

If you are planning a daytime wedding during the warmer months, make use of your outdoor areas by setting up a few outdoor games for the kids to expend all that pent-up energy from sitting still during the ceremony. Some great options are lawn bowling, hula hoops, corn hole, or ring toss

#9 Indoor Activities

If you don’t have the benefit of an outdoor area, or your wedding reception happens later during the evening, having some fun game options for the kids will keep them happy and occupied. Board games and active games like twister are great options and can be easily set up in an area away from the wedding reception.

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