The Good and the Bad About Traditional Groomsmen Gifts


When you hear the term “groomsmen gifts,” a few traditional ideas probably come to mind immediately. While some of these classic gifts are ideal, others are impractical, impersonal, or just plain boring. Although you don’t want to get caught in the trap of feeling like you have to go with tradition, if there is something on this list that your groomsmen would appreciate, that’s okay as well.

Before you decide on whether to go the traditional or nontraditional route, consider the pros and cons of some of the most traditional groomsmen gifts.

The Money Clip

  • The Good: Wallets make great gifts, so why not money clips? A money clip prevents a wallet from exploding at the seams while expertly holding ID, credit cards, and cash. You can also personalize a money clip with your groomsman’s initials to distinguish it from other, run-of-the-mill money clips.
  • The Bad: With limited storage space, money clips are impractical for most men. Hey, some guys need more storage than even a wallet can offer. Man purse, anyone?

The Pocket Watch

  • The Good: Pocket watches are undeniably sophisticated, stylish, and just flat-out awesome. It’s also likely that few, if any, of your groomsmen already own one.
  • The Bad: As great as they are and as classy as they look, pocket watches just aren’t very practical. They also don’t work well with modern fashion the way they did a long time ago when some articles of clothing were made with these watches specifically in mind. Besides, people rarely even wear wristwatches anymore, because everyone has a phone that tells time.

The Pocket Knife

  • The Good: Most men would love to get a new pocket knife, even if they already have one. Most pocket knives have a plethora of tools, making them an incredibly versatile gift. A pocket knife is an especially great thank-you gift for the outdoorsmen in your group.
  • The Bad: A strong majority of men already have their own pocket knife. While some men wouldn’t mind getting another pocket knife, it’s definitely not a necessary gift. The price of a good, quality pocket knife can vary, so it can get expensive if you have several groomsmen for whom you’re buying.

The Cufflinks

  • The Good: The fashion gurus among your groomsmen will appreciate a nice set of cufflinks. Not only that, cufflinks can take a suit to the next level, which is particularly nice at an event like a wedding.
  • The Bad: With the exception of the fashion guru and maybe the businessman in your group, will any of your other groomsmen ever wear cufflinks? Sure, they may forever be the most stylish person at every wedding and funeral they attend, but, beyond that, do they really have a use for these classy yet impractical accessories?

The Beer Mug

  • The Good: A beer mug is unlikely to sit on a shelf for months at a time collecting dust, making it one of the most practical gift you can give to anyone. Engraving something personal on a mug will take it to another level, making it not only practical, but also a memento of the occasion.
  • The Bad: You can engrave a beer mug until the sun comes up, but it’s still just a cup. While the beer aficionado in your life may love it, you should generally reach a little higher for those who played such an important role on one of the biggest days of your life.

The Flask

  • The Good: Flasks are shiny and make an attractive gift. If you have a friend who enjoys drinking, it can be the perfect way to acknowledge them for their role in your wedding. Like a beer mug, a flask can be personalized to make it mean more to whomever you give it.
  • The Bad: Again, a flask is basically a glorified cup, but, unlike the beer mug, is much less practical unless your friend is really into alcohol. Not only that, it’s arguably the most often seen as a groomsman gift. So, while your groomsmen will appreciate you acknowledging them in any way, a flask may not be the most imaginative way to do it.

Final Thoughts

Whatever you decide to get your groomsmen, make it something personal that they can use for years to come. While they may not expect a gift in the first place, and will be happy for any acknowledgment they receive, this is a great opportunity to show them your appreciation for their role in your wedding and your life.

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