Dapper Accessories for Groomsmen

mens accessories on top of vestEven though everyone who attends a wedding is looking forward to seeing the bride, there is, of course, some excitement to see the men all dressed up as well. For many groomsmen, taking part in a wedding is one of the few times they’ll have to really clean up and look their best, so it’s a really great time to capitalize on the moment and turn them into stylish gentlemen.

Even though women have an unlimited supply of options when it comes to accessories, it’s very common now for men to be just as fashionable with their accessories as women. That means that they can express their personal style and show off their good taste by means of adding a few details to their outfits to complete their formal look.

For the men who are trying to find gift ideas for their groomsmen, consider these dapper accessories for groomsmen. You’ll have them styled to perfection just in time to say “I do.”


It’s not just about the full suit and tie anymore when it comes to groomsmen; in fact, letting the groomsmen decide on their personal style can sometimes make for much better pictures and a more relaxed vibe. When it comes to their suit, consider letting them wear a vest.

Vests are great for weddings that are more vintage or rustic-themed, and they are also a great idea for weddings that are taking place in warmer seasons.


Step up the style of your groomsmen with some stylish cufflinks. Cufflinks are a smaller detail that complete an outfit perfectly, and they complement any suit.

For grooms that are thinking about wedding party gifts, giving out customized cufflinks with their initials is a great idea. Similarly, you can design the cufflinks to include shared interests such as favorite team logos, a superhero, or the date of your wedding. The options are endless, but cufflinks really are a must-have accessory for dapper groomsmen.


Long gone are the days when people thought bow ties were old-fashioned. Nowadays, bowties are being embraced as a rather jaunty accessory for men, and they look amazing in a row of well-dressed groomsmen. The best part about bow ties is that they can really go in any direction when it comes to style; they’ll complement a country-themed style just as well as a black-tie event.

groomsmen with brightly colored socks

Fancy Socks

Men aren’t limited to just black and white socks, anymore. Thankfully, now there are all kinds of options when it comes to this accessory! Outfit your groomsmen with stylish socks that feature fancy patterns or colors or let them choose their own to showcase their personal style.

Adding sharp socks is one of the easiest ways to elevate a man’s look, but be careful that they don’t all go in different directions on your wedding day. Make sure to give them some specifics when it comes to their choices, such as a color scheme or acceptable patterns to ensure they still pick a dapper design.


Boutonnieres have come a long way since the old-school prom days, and thankfully, men now have a lot more options from which to choose to look exceptionally polished for the big day. Now you can get customized boutonnieres that match your wedding color scheme or choose a design that goes well with the bridesmaids.

Boutonnieres don’t have to be floral, either; there are all kinds of boutonniere designs for weddings, with some unique designs including feathers, birds, fish tackles, and more. These kinds of options are reflective of the groom and are often a great way of telling the story about his earlier days.

mens luxury leather shoes on store shelf

Proper Footwear

It’s been said that one of the recurring trends for brides these days is to find her shoes first, and then the dress second; it seems only fitting that the groom and groomsmen should also be allowed to indulge in this shopping experience!

For many groomsmen, looking stylish shouldn’t sacrifice comfort. If your wedding is on a beach, you shouldn’t expect the groomsmen to wear formal dress shoes in the sand all day long. Let your groomsmen dress up their look with a leather flip-flop or a classic boat shoe. While perhaps not appropriate in other settings, they’ll fit in perfectly at your destination wedding.

Adopt this approach regardless of where your wedding is held. The more comfortable the groomsmen are, the more likely they will sport their dapper style for the remainder of the celebration.


Even if your groomsmen aren’t very stylish in their everyday lives, there are lots of easy ways to have them looking great for your wedding day. If their attire has already been selected and you still want to give them something stylish, consider any of our gifts for groomsmen to find something that they will enjoy for years to come.

Stylish Embellishments for Groomsmen

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