Superhero Boutonnieres for Geeky Groomsmen

Photo of groomsmen having fun

When thinking about everything you need for the wedding, you want to make sure the groom doesn’t forget about the boutonniere. Many men put little thought into this detail. After all, what man truly cares about flowers?

While a flowery piece may be the traditional route, the good news is that you don’t necessarily have to follow tradition. Many grooms are forgoing the blooms and opting for something that matches their personality. Superheroes are a common theme on TV shows and at the box office, so naturally, many men are incorporating this theme into their boutonniere.

Make your wedding your own with superhero boutonnieres for you and your groomsmen. Remember, it’s your day, so there’s no script to follow. Your wedding day is only limited by your imagination – and your budget, of course.

How to Make It Work

Superhero boutonnieres are a fun surprise for groomsmen. To make this work, the bride or groom can ask the groomsmen about their favorite superheroes. He or she then buys action figures of the superheroes.

It’s easier than you think to make custom boutonnieres. You could use super glue to affix a safety pin to the back of each action figure. If that doesn’t work, you could use string or yarn and wrap it around the action figure and then connect it to an anchor pin. A visit to a craft store would help you come up with many other ideas to make your boutonnieres truly one of a kind – just like your wedding should be.

There are many variations of this theme. You could also use Lego superheroes if you’re looking for something that still fits with this theme. They’re smaller and not as bulky, so they won’t distract from your big day. You could also add flowers and other decorations.

Once you create the boutonnieres to your liking, place them in boxes and present them to the groomsmen. They will love their gift, which they can wear on the groom’s wedding day and keep forever as a memento of this happy event. Superhero geeks will enjoy having a new souvenir to add to their collection.

The groomsmen will likely have fun with the figures. The action figures will likely have movable arms and legs, so the groomsmen can battle each other’s figures. The action figure’s arms could also be used as holders for thin items.

If superheroes are your wedding’s theme, there are many things you can do for customization, from table settings, to invitations, to decorations. The sky’s the limit.

Cosplay is another wedding theme that’s becoming increasing popular. Superhero boutonnieres would be a fun addition for that purpose, as well.

Fun and Unique Boutonnieres

Unique Boutonnieres on groomsmen

If superheroes aren’t your thing (or you just don’t have any geeky groomsmen), there are still many other options for showing off your personality in your boutonniere. More and more men are adding creativity to their wedding day attire. It’s fun to see something besides the traditional flower arrangements used as boutonnieres. Some men still add a couple of flowers, while others forgo them altogether.

Men are turning to other boutonniere looks, such as brooches, artwork, and metallic looks, like leaves with a hint of gold. There is also the vintage look, which is gaining in popularity. This involves pinning an heirloom or another treasured item on the lapel.

Golf tee Boutonnieres

Some men are also going sporty and injecting their favorite pastime into their lapel. Many boutonnieres are reminiscent of favorite sports such as baseball (with red string), orange roses to symbolize basketballs, and even a bunch of tees for the golfer at heart.

Geeky groomsmen everywhere will rejoice at their fun, eye-catching action figures on their attire. Your wedding is the perfect opportunity to inject your personality into your wedding wardrobe. Whether you choose to put superheroes or some other figure on your suit lapel, you and your friends are guaranteed to have a blast, making the wedding an event you’ll never forget.

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